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EnsurepassQuestion 1 OSPF routing uses the concept of areas. What are the characteristics of OSPF areas? (Choose three) A. Each OSPF area requires a loopback interface to be configured. B. Areas may be assigned any number from 0 to 65535. C. Area 0 is called the backbone area. D. Hierarchical OSPF networks do not require multiple areas. E. Multiple OSPF areas must connect to area 0. F. Single area OSPF networks must be configured in area 1.   Answer: C D E Explanation C and Read more […]

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EnsurepassHere you will find answers to OSPF Questions Note: If you are not sure about OSPF, please read my OSPF tutorial Question 1 After the network has converged, what type of messaging, if any, occurs between R3 and R4? A. No messages are exchanged. B. Hellos are sent every 10 seconds. C. The full database from each router is sent every 30 seconds. D. The routing table from each router is sent every 60 seconds. Answer: B Explanation HELLO messages are used to maintain adjacent neighbors so Read more […]

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EnsurepassQuestion 1 Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true about the loopback address that is configured on RouterB? (Choose two) A. It ensures that data will be forwarded by RouterB. B. It provides stability for the OSPF process on RouterB. C. It specifies that the router ID for RouterB should be D. It decreases the metric for routes that are advertised from RouterB. E. It indicates that RouterB should be elected the DR for the LAN.   Answer: B C Explanation A Read more […]

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EnsurepassQuestion 1 Which of the following statements below best describe the process identifier that is used to run OSPF on a router? (Choose two) A – It is an optional parameter required only if multiple OSPF processes are running on the router B – It is locally significant C – It is needed to identify a unique instance of an OSPF database D – All routers in the same OSPF area must have the same process ID if they are to exchange routing information   Answer: B C Question Read more […]

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