» Voice Over IP

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Voice Over IP Questions Question 1 Which type of delay can lead to jitter in a voice network? A. Propagation delay B. Serialization delay C. CODEC delay D. Queuing delay Answer: D Explanation Jitter is the variation in the arrival of voice packets. For example, the first voice packet of a conversation might take 50 ms to reach a destination while the second voice packet might take 60 ms. There is 10 ms of delay variation (jitter) between these packets. Read more […]

» Cisco Unity Connection

EnsurepassHere you will find answer to Cisco Unity Connection Questions Question 1 Users report that all external callers are leaving urgent voice-mail messages. Where can this behavior be changed? A. under the Phone Menu Configuration > Unidentified Callers Message Urgency B. under the Opening Greeting > Unidentified Callers Message Urgency C. under the Message Settings > Unidentified Callers Message Urgency D. under the System Call Handlers > Unidentified Callers Message Urgency E. under Read more […]

» QoS Questions

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to QoS Questions Question 1 Which description describes the low latency queuing algorithm? A. Empty queue 1. If queue 1 is empty, empty queue 2, then empty queue 3, unless a packet for a higher queue arrives. B. An administrator defines the traffic classes based on match criteria, including protocols, access control lists, and input interfaces. C. A flow-based algorithm that simultaneously schedules interactive traffic to the front of a queue to reduce Read more […]

» Drag and Drop Questions

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Drag and Drop Questions Question 1 Click and drag the items on the left into the correct order on the right for a systematic troubleshooting method Answer: Start -> Define Problem -> Gather Facts -> Consider Possibilities -> Create Action Plan -> Implement Action Plan -> Observe Results -> Ultilize Process Do Problem Stop? -> Problem Resolved -> Document Facts -> Finished HOT EXAM! 100-105 Dumps VCE PDF 200-105 Read more […]

» Voice Fundamentals

EnsurepassHere you will find answer to Voice Fundamentals Questions Question 1 Which issue does CAS signaling on a T1 circuit create? A. Signaling bits are subtracted from each frame, which causes a significant loss of voice quality. B. An extra signaling bit is added to the sixth frame to carry signaling information. C. A signaling bit is subtracted from every sixth frame to carry signaling information. D. Signaling bits are added to the signaling stream to create extended super frames. Answer: Read more […]

» CCNA – Wireless

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Which additional configuration step is necessary in order to connect to an access point that has SSID broadcasting disabled? A. Set the SSID value in the client software to public. B. Configure open authentication on the AP and the client. C. Set the SSID value on the client to the SSID configured on the AP. D. Configure MAC address filtering to permit the client to connect to the AP.   Answer: C Question 2 What is one reason that WPA encryption is preferred Read more […]

» CCNA – IPv6 Questions

EnsurepassQuestion 1 As a CCNA candidate, you must have a firm understanding of the IPv6 address structure. Refer to IPv6 address, could you tell me how many bits are included in each filed? A – 24 B – 4 C – 3 D – 16   Answer: D Explanation: The format of a IPv6 address is X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X where X is a 16-bit hexadecimal field. For example: 110A:0192:190F:0000:0000:082C:875A:132c Question 2 In practical IPv6 application, a technology encapsulates IPv6 packets inside IPv4 Read more […]

» CCNA – Troubleshooting 2

EnsurepassQuestion 1: A network administrator is troubleshooting the OSPF configuration of routers R1 and R2. The routers cannot establish an adjacency relationship on their common Ethernet link. The graphic shows the output of the show ip ospf interface e0 command for routers R1 and R2. Based on the information in the graphic, what is the cause of this problem? A. The OSPF area is not configured properly. B. The priority on R1 should be set higher. C. The cost on R1 should be set higher. D. Read more […]

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