» Wireless LAN

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Wireless LAN Questions Question 1 Up to how many Cisco WiSMs are supported in a single mobility group operating under v5.0 code? A. 5 B. 12 C. 16 D. 24 E. 150 F. 300   Answer: B   HOT EXAM! 100-105 Dumps VCE PDF 200-105 Dumps VCE PDF 300-101 Dumps VCE PDF 300-115 Dumps VCE PDF 300-135 Dumps VCE PDF 300-320 Dumps VCE PDF 400-101 Dumps VCE PDF 640-911 Dumps VCE PDF 640-916 Dumps VCE PDF Read more […]

» Traffic Flow and AP

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Traffic Flow and AP QuestionsAccording to the IEEE 802.11 standard // // Question 1 What two statements about beacon frames used by access points are true? (Choose two) A. contains SSIDs if this feature is enabled B. provides vendor proprietary information C. is another name for an associated request D. sent in response to a probe frame E. includes ATIM window information for power save operations   Answer: A B Explanation Prior to authentication/association, Read more […]

» Configuration and Monitoring

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Configuration and Monitoring Questions Question 1 What is the result when client exclusion is enabled with a timeout value of zero? A. Clients are excluded indefinitely. B. Clients are never excluded. C. Client exclusion is disabled. D. Clients must be explicitly included by specifying the MAC address. E. Exclusion and inclusion is determined by access list. Answer: A Explanation The Client Exclusion is used to disable client machines. When turning Read more […]

» Wireless Fundamentals 4

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Wireless Fundamentals – Part 4 Question 1 True or false: A wireless PAN consumes little power from small handheld computer devices. A. True B. False Answer: A Explanation An example of the Wireless PAN technology is Bluetooth. It is also known as IEEE 802.15.1, has the advantage of being very energy-efficient, which makes it particularly well-suited to use in small devices. Question 2 Which IEEE standards group uses Bluetooth as the basis Read more […]

» Controllers and LWAPP

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Controllers and LWAPP Questions Question 1 In the AP Layer 3 controller discovery process, after the LWAPP Discovery Request is broadcast on a local subnet, what is the next step that the AP takes? A. Determine whether the controller responses are the primary controller. B. Send an LWAPP discovery request to controllers learned via OTAP if operational. C. Send an LWAPP response to the master controller if known. D. Wait 5 seconds and resend a Discovery Read more […]

» Wireless Fundamentals 3

EnsurepassHere you will answers to Wireless Fundamentals – Part 3 Question 1 What unit of measurement is used to represent the strength of an antenna’s radiation pattern? A. dBi B. dBm C. mW D. GHz Answer: A Explanation + dBi is a unit of sound that measures acoustical and electrical power. In particular, dBi is a measure of the increase in signal (gain) by your antenna compared to the hypothetical isotropic antenna (which uniformly distributes energy in all directions) -> Read more […]

» Drag and Drop

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Drag and Drop Questions Question 1 Match the interface description on the left with the appropriate interface on the right. Answer: + AP Manager: Used for Layer 3 communications between the Cisco WLC and the lightweight access points + Dynamic: Designed to be analogous to VLANs for wireless LAN client device + Management: This interface is the only consistently “pingable” in-band interface IP address on the Cisco WLC + Service Port: The only Read more […]

» Wireless Fundamentals 2

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Wireless Fundamentals – Part 2 Question 1 How are omni antennas in a wireless network most commonly polarized? A. circularly B. horizontally C. vertically D. both horizontally and vertically Answer: C Explanation Omni antennas send a signal of the same strength in all directions. Antennae in wireless networks are often vertically polarized, which makes the electric field vertical. Note: A VERTICALLY POLARIZED antenna transmits an electromagnetic Read more […]

» Cisco Unified Wireless Network

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Cisco Unified Wireless Network Questions Note: The Cisco Unified Wireless Network is composed of five interconnected elements that work together to deliver a unified enterprise-class wireless solution. They are client devices, APs, network unification, network management, and mobility services. There is no upgrade path between the Mobility Express solution and the Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution, though they offer features close to each other. Question Read more […]

» Wireless Fundamentals

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Wireless Fundamentals Questions – Part 1 If you are not sure about Wireless, please read my Wireless tutorial and Basic Wireless Terminologies Question 1 What is fading? A. Another signal source is producing energy on the channel in which you are trying to operate. B. The desired signal reaches the receiving antenna via multiple paths, each of which has a different propagation delay and path loss. C. A time-varying change in the path loss of a link Read more […]

» Drag and Drop Questions

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to CVoice – Drag and Drop Questions Question 1 The proper call-signaling term to the correct box in the diagram to establish RSVF-based Call Admission Control between the two Cisco Unifield Border Elements: Cisco UBEs. Some option is may be user more than once. Answer: Explanation Here is how the call is established with RSVF-based Call Admission Control 1) The Cisco Unified Communications Manager (at the left-side) sends an H.225 setup to the Read more […]

» GateKeepers

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to CVoice – Gatekeeper Questions Question 1 The SJ local zone contains a gatekeeper that controls two gateways, SJ1 and SJ2. Both gateways provide access to area code 408. Which two command strings should be entered into the gatekeeper to give the SJ2 gateway priority over the SJ1 gateway? (Choose two.) A. zone prefix SJ 408 gw-priority 6 SJ1 B. zone prefix SJ 408 gw-priority 6 SJ2 C. zone prefix SJ 408 gw-priority 10 SJ1 D. zone prefix SJ 408 Read more […]

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