CCNA Voice Questions and Answers » Wireshark Beginner guide

Ensurepass Wireshark/Ethereal is a free network protocol analyzer for almost all operating systems (including Unix, Linux and MS Windows). It allows you to examine data from a live network or from a capture file on disk. You can interactively browse the capture data, viewing summary and detail information for each packet. Wireshark/Ethereal has several powerful features, including a rich display filter language and the ability to view the reconstructed stream of a TCP session. The installation Read more […]

CCNA Voice Questions and Answers » A Guide for Cisco Voice Certification – CCNA Voice 640-460 or CVoice 642-436

Ensurepass In this article I want to mention about a popular question of Cisco Voice Certification System. Should you go with CCNA Voice 640-460 or CVoice 642-436? It is also the most asked question in this site so now I am happy to answer it with all the information I know in a separate article. If you know anything more, please don’t hesitate to comment! First you should learn about the difference between them. The CCNA Voice 640-460 exam, sometimes called the Implementing Cisco Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA NAT SIM Question 1

EnsurepassQuestion A network associate is configuring a router for the CCNA Training company to provide internet access. The ISP has provided the company six public IP addresses of The company has 14 hosts that need to access the internet simultaneously. The hosts in the CCNA Training company LAN have been assigned private space addresses in the range of – The task is to complete the NAT configuration using all IP addresses assigned Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA Configuration SIM Question

Ensurepass Question: To configure the router (R2-RC) click on the console host icon that is connected to a router by a serial console cable (shown in the diagram as a dashed black line) CCNA Training Company recently installed a new router in their office. Complete the network installation by performing the initial router configurations and configuring RIPV2 routing using the router command line interface (CLI) on the R2-RC. Name of the router is R2-RC Enable-secret password is cisco1 The Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA EIGRP LAB Question

Ensurepass Question After adding R3 router, no routing updates are being exchanged between R3 and the new location. All other inter connectivity and Internet access for the existing locations of the company are working properly. The task is to identify the fault(s) and correct the router configuration to provide full connectivity between the routers. Access to the router CLI can be gained by clicking on the appropriate host. All passwords on all routers are cisco. IP addresses are listed in the Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA Implementation SIM

Ensurepass This topology contains 3 routers and 1 switch. Complete the topology. Drag the appropriate device icons to the labeled Device Drag the appropriate connections to the locations labeled Connections. Drag the appropriate IP addresses to the locations labeled IP address (Hint: use the given host addresses and Main router information) To remove a device or connection, drag it away from the topology. Use information gathered from the Main router to complete the configuration of any additional Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA Drag and Drop SIM Question

Ensurepass Question You have been hired by Specialty Hardware Incorporated to document the layout of the network. Complete the following tasks: Complete the network topology shown in the graphic by dragging the labels below with the appropriate router types, interface types, and IP addresses to the graphic . Find the information you need by using the router console attached to the R-CENTER router. Answer and explanation Note: You can download this sim to practice here: This Read more […]

CCNA Training » Practice Real CCNA Labs with Packet Tracer Simulator

Ensurepass Well, the title said it all. Here are some screenshots about the labs in Packet Tracer Simulator: CCNA Drag And Drop SIM: CCNA EIGRP SIM: Configuration SIM: Please say thanks to Runiya, who created these lab-sim questions on Packet Tracer. Now you can practice with real labs in your CCNA exam! The lab file includes: + CCNA Implementation sim + CCNA drag and drop sim + CCNA EIGRP sim + CCNA NAT sim + CCNA RIP Configuration sim + CCNA Access-list sim + CCNA Access-list sim Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA NAT SIM Question 2

Ensurepass Question You work as a network technician at Study the exhibit carefully. You are required to perform configurations to enable Internet access. The Router ISP has given you six public IP addresses in the range. has 62 clients that needs to have simultaneous internet access. These local hosts use private IP addresses in the – range. You need to configure Router1 using the PC1 console. Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA Access List Sim

Ensurepass Question An administrator is trying to ping and telnet from Switch to Router with the results shown below: Switch> Switch> ping Type escape sequence to abort. Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to,timeout is 2 seconds: .U.U.U Success rate is 0 percent (0/5) Switch> Switch> telnet Trying … % Destination unreachable; gateway or host down Switch> Click the console connected to Router and issue the appropriate commands to answer the questions. Answer Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA Access List Sim 2

Ensurepass Question A network associate is adding security to the configuration of the Corp1 router. The user on host C should be able to use a web browser to access financial information from the Finance Web Server. No other hosts from the LAN nor the Core should be able to use a web browser to access this server. Since there are multiple resources for the corporation at this location including other resources on the Finance Web Server, all other traffic should be allowed. The task is to create Read more […]

CCNA Training » CCNA VTP SIM Question

Ensurepass Question This task requires you to use the CLI of Sw-AC3 to answer five multiple-choice questions. This does not require any configuration. To answer the multiple-choice questions, click on the numbered boxes in the right panel. There are five multiple-choice questions with this task. Be sure to answer all five questions before leaving this item. Notice: All the images in this VTP LAB are used for demonstration only, you will see slightly different images in the real CCNA exam. Read more […]

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