» Internet Telephony Service Provider

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to CVoice – Internet Telephony Service Provider Questions Question 1 You work as a network technician , study the exhibit carefully. The Acme Corp. uses H.323 to place calls to their supplier RR Industries. Acme also has a voice connection to an ITSP for long distance over a SIP network. Which configuration should Acme use to deploy the CUBE? A. service voice voip allow-connections h323 to h323 allow-connections h323 to sip allow-connections sip Read more […]

» Cisco UC500 Series & CCA

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Cisco UC500 Series & CCA Questions Question 1 Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about SIP trunk are true? (Choose two.) A. A SIP trunk configuration is always needed for a UC500 device. B. A SIP trunk is needed only to provide internet access for your data users. C. SIP trunk configuration parameters should be provided to your service provider. D. A SIP trunk is needed only if you are using voice mail to supply the Message Waiting Read more […]

» Call Signaling

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to CVoice – Call Signaling Questions Question 1 Which option is true concerning the MGCP call agent? A. acts only as a recorder of call details B. provides only call signaling and call setup C. manages all aspects of the call and voice stream D. monitors the quality of each call after setup Answer: B Explanation MGCP Call Agent is a central control component to remotely control various devices. When the MGCP call agent exists in the network, calls Read more […]

» Cisco Unified Communications

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Cisco Unified Communications Questions Question 1 Refer to the exhibit. Which Cisco Unified Communications layer is the call processing layer? A. A B. B C. C D. D Answer: C Question 2 Which value does an administrator assign to option 150 for DHCP to operate correctly in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express environment? A. IP address of the DNS server B. IP address of the TFTP server C. MAC address of the TFTP server D. MAC address Read more […]

» Analog Voice Ports

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to CVoice – Analog Voice Port Questions Question 1 Refer to the exhibit for IP addresses and telephone numbers. You are working with a customer opening a small sales office in Atlanta. You want the user in Atlanta to be able to dial into the PBX in New York over the IP WAN. The New York PBX uses ground start, a two-wire operation, and DTMF dialing. Choose the correct FXO port configuration commands for New York. A. voice-port 1/0/0 signal ground-start Read more […]

» Cisco Unified Presence

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Cisco Unified Presence Questions Question 1 Which two options are features in Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose two) A. IP Phone Messenger B. Native Presence C. BLF speed-dial D. Enterprise Instant Messaging E. BLF speed-dial pickup Answer: A B Question 2 Which two protocols are used by Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose two) A. SIP/SIMPLE B. XMPP C. SCCP D. PPPoX E. IMPP Answer: A B Question 3 Refer to the exhibit. What protocol Read more […]

» Voice Fundamentals

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to CVoice – Voice Fundamental Questions Question 1 Which two codes together make up the number that follows the E.164 recommendation numbering scheme? (Choose two) A. country code B. subscriber code C. national destination code D. provider code Answer: A B Explanation E.164 is an international numbering plan created by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Each number in the E.164 numbering plan contains the following components: Country Read more […]

» Traditional Telephony

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Traditional Telephony Questions Question 1 Refer to the exhibit. Which identifies the amplitude of an analog signal stream? A. A B. B C. C D. A & C E. Voltage/Time F. Voltage/Time x B/C Answer: C Question 2 Which three characteristics apply to ISDN PRI? (Choose three) A. The D channel is 16 kbps B. The D channel is 64 kbps C. Can carry data, voice, or video D. Cannot support call forwarding E. Commonly used only in Europe F. Can carry Read more […]

» Cisco Unified Communications Manager 2

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Questions – Part 2 Question 1 In which two locations can an end user configure their Call Forward All settings? (Choose two) A. Cisco Unified Serviceability B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Options Interface C. Directly on the Cisco Unified IP phone D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration E. Cisco Unified User Serviceability Answer: B C Question 2 What is the quickest way to test Read more […]

» Cisco Unified Communications Manager

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Questions – Part 1 Question 1 An administrator wants to locate and remove all unassigned directory numbers on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager system. Which method is the best method to accomplish this task? A. Choose Device > Phone. Search all phones and remove the undesired directory numbers. B. Use the Dial Plan Installer to remove the directory numbers. C. Use the Disaster Recovery System to restore Read more […]

» IP Phone Questions

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to IP Phone Questions Question 1 When troubleshooting a phone that is unable to get an IP address from a DHCP server, what is the first thing to check for on the phone? A. Make sure that DHCP Enabled is disabled on the phone. B. Make sure that the phone is getting the proper VLAN information. C. Make sure that the TFTP server address is correct on the phone. D. Make sure that the DHCP scope has enough addresses left in the range. E. Make sure the phone Read more […]

» Voice Fundamentals

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to CCNA Voice 640-460 Voice Fundamental Questions Question 1 Which type of voice port will allow the gateway to terminate 23 or 30 circuits from the PSTN or a PBX? A. FXO B. FXS C. PRI T1/E1 D. E&M E. BRI Answer: C Explanation The ISDN E1 PRI has 32 timeslots (channels). Each timeslot is 8 bits and has a data rate of 64,000 bits/second. Timeslot 0 is used for frame synchronization and alarms. Timeslot 16 is used for signaling so we can use 30 Read more […]

» Voice Over IP

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Voice Over IP Questions Question 1 Which type of delay can lead to jitter in a voice network? A. Propagation delay B. Serialization delay C. CODEC delay D. Queuing delay Answer: D Explanation Jitter is the variation in the arrival of voice packets. For example, the first voice packet of a conversation might take 50 ms to reach a destination while the second voice packet might take 60 ms. There is 10 ms of delay variation (jitter) between these packets. Read more […]

» Cisco Unity Connection

EnsurepassHere you will find answer to Cisco Unity Connection Questions Question 1 Users report that all external callers are leaving urgent voice-mail messages. Where can this behavior be changed? A. under the Phone Menu Configuration > Unidentified Callers Message Urgency B. under the Opening Greeting > Unidentified Callers Message Urgency C. under the Message Settings > Unidentified Callers Message Urgency D. under the System Call Handlers > Unidentified Callers Message Urgency E. under Read more […]

» QoS Questions

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to QoS Questions Question 1 Which description describes the low latency queuing algorithm? A. Empty queue 1. If queue 1 is empty, empty queue 2, then empty queue 3, unless a packet for a higher queue arrives. B. An administrator defines the traffic classes based on match criteria, including protocols, access control lists, and input interfaces. C. A flow-based algorithm that simultaneously schedules interactive traffic to the front of a queue to reduce Read more […]

» Drag and Drop Questions

EnsurepassHere you will find answers to Drag and Drop Questions Question 1 Click and drag the items on the left into the correct order on the right for a systematic troubleshooting method Answer: Start -> Define Problem -> Gather Facts -> Consider Possibilities -> Create Action Plan -> Implement Action Plan -> Observe Results -> Ultilize Process Do Problem Stop? -> Problem Resolved -> Document Facts -> Finished HOT EXAM! 100-105 Dumps VCE PDF 200-105 Read more […]

» Voice Fundamentals

EnsurepassHere you will find answer to Voice Fundamentals Questions Question 1 Which issue does CAS signaling on a T1 circuit create? A. Signaling bits are subtracted from each frame, which causes a significant loss of voice quality. B. An extra signaling bit is added to the sixth frame to carry signaling information. C. A signaling bit is subtracted from every sixth frame to carry signaling information. D. Signaling bits are added to the signaling stream to create extended super frames. Answer: Read more […]

» CCNA – Wireless

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Which additional configuration step is necessary in order to connect to an access point that has SSID broadcasting disabled? A. Set the SSID value in the client software to public. B. Configure open authentication on the AP and the client. C. Set the SSID value on the client to the SSID configured on the AP. D. Configure MAC address filtering to permit the client to connect to the AP.   Answer: C Question 2 What is one reason that WPA encryption is preferred Read more […]

» CCNA – IPv6 Questions

EnsurepassQuestion 1 As a CCNA candidate, you must have a firm understanding of the IPv6 address structure. Refer to IPv6 address, could you tell me how many bits are included in each filed? A – 24 B – 4 C – 3 D – 16   Answer: D Explanation: The format of a IPv6 address is X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X where X is a 16-bit hexadecimal field. For example: 110A:0192:190F:0000:0000:082C:875A:132c Question 2 In practical IPv6 application, a technology encapsulates IPv6 packets inside IPv4 Read more […]

» CCNA – Troubleshooting 2

EnsurepassQuestion 1: A network administrator is troubleshooting the OSPF configuration of routers R1 and R2. The routers cannot establish an adjacency relationship on their common Ethernet link. The graphic shows the output of the show ip ospf interface e0 command for routers R1 and R2. Based on the information in the graphic, what is the cause of this problem? A. The OSPF area is not configured properly. B. The priority on R1 should be set higher. C. The cost on R1 should be set higher. D. Read more […]

» CCNA – STP Questions 2

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Which term describes a spanning-tree network that has all switch ports in either the blocking or forwarding state? A. redundant B. spanned C. provisioned D. converged   Answer: D Explanation Spanning Tree Protocol convergence (Layer 2 convergence) happens when bridges and switches have transitioned to either the forwarding or blocking state. When layer 2 is converged, root bridge is elected and all port roles (Root, Designated and Non-Designated) in all Read more […]

» CCNA – Troubleshooting 1

EnsurepassQuestion 1: Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is in a campus building distant from Building B. WANRouter is hosting a newly installed WAN link on interface S0/0. The new link is not functioning and the administrator needs to determine if the correct cable has been attached to the S0/0 interface. How can the administrator accurately verify the correct cable type on S0/0 in the most efficient manner? A. Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show interfaces S0/0 B. Read more […]

» CCNA – STP Questions

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Which three statements about RSTP are true? (choose three) A. RSTP significantly reduces topology reconverging time after a link failure. B. RSTP expends the STP port roles by adding the alternate and backup roles. C. RSTP port states are blocking, discarding, learning, or forwarding. D. RSTP also uses the STP proposal-agreement sequence. E. RSTP use the same timer-based process as STP on point-to-point links. F. RSTP provides a faster transition to the forwarding Read more […]

» CCNA – Operations 3

EnsurepassQuestion 1: Your company wants to reconfigure a Catalyst 2950. which actions must be taken to erase the old configuration? (Choose three) A – Erase flash B – Restart the switch C – Delete the VLAN database D – Erase the startup configuration   Answer: B C D Question 2: If the subnet mask is, which of the following addresses can be assigned to network hosts? (Choose three) A – B – C – D – Read more […]

» CCNA – Hotspot

EnsurepassHotspot Routing Question Question 1: If the router R1 has a packet with a destination address, what describes the operation of the network? A – R1 will forward the packet out all interfaces B – R1 will drop this packet because it is not a valid IP address C – As R1 forwards the frame containing this packet, Sw-A will add to its MAC table D – R1 will encapsulate the packet in a frame with a destination MAC address of FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF E – Read more […]

» CCNA – Operations 2

EnsurepassQuestion 1 On a network of one department, there are four PCs connected to a switch, as shown in the following figure: After the Switch1 restarts. Host A ( the host on the left ) sends the first frame to Host C (the host on the right). What the first thing should the switch do? A. Switch1 will add to the switching table. B. Switch1 will add to the switching table. C. Switch1 will add 000A.8A47.E612 to the switching table. D. None of the above   Answer: Read more […]

» CCNA – VTP Questions

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Refer to the exhibit. After SwitchB was added to the network, VLAN connectivity problems started to occur. What caused this problem? A. Both switches are in server mode in the same domain. B. The revision number of SwitchB was higher than the revision number of SwitchA. C. SwitchA was not rebooted prior to adding SwitchB to the network. D. V2-mode is not enabled. E. VTP pruning is not activated, so the new paths in the network have not been recalculated.   Answer: Read more […]

» CCNA – Operations 1

Ensurepassanswers to Operations Questions (Part 1) Question 1: What are two reasons that a network administrator would use access lists? (Choose two.) A. to control vty access into a router B. to control broadcast traffic through a router C. to filter traffic as it passes through a router D. to filter traffic that originates from the router E. to replace passwords as a line of defense against security incursions   Answers: A C Question 2: A single 802.11g access point has been Read more […]

» CCNA – VLAN Questions 2

Ensurepassanswers to VLAN Questions – Part 2 Question 1 Which of the following are benefits of VLANs? (Choose three) A. They increase the size of collision domains. B. They allow logical grouping of users by function. C. They can enhance network security. D. They increase the size of broadcast domains while decreasing the number of collision domains. E. They increase the number of broadcast domains while decreasing the size of the broadcast domains. F. They simplify switch administration.   Answer: Read more […]

» CCNA – Subnetting Questions 4

EnsurepassQuestion 1 You are working in a data center environment and are assigned the address range You are asked to develop an IP addressing plan to allow the maximum number of subnets with as many as 30 hosts each.Which IP address range meets these requirements? A. B. C. D. E.   Answer: A Explanation Each subnet has 30 hosts < 32 = 25 so we need a subnet mask which has at least 5 Read more […]

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