» CCNA – VTP Questions

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Refer to the exhibit. After SwitchB was added to the network, VLAN connectivity problems started to occur. What caused this problem? A. Both switches are in server mode in the same domain. B. The revision number of SwitchB was higher than the revision number of SwitchA. C. SwitchA was not rebooted prior to adding SwitchB to the network. D. V2-mode is not enabled. E. VTP pruning is not activated, so the new paths in the network have not been recalculated.   Answer: Read more […]

» CCNA – Operations 1

Ensurepassanswers to Operations Questions (Part 1) Question 1: What are two reasons that a network administrator would use access lists? (Choose two.) A. to control vty access into a router B. to control broadcast traffic through a router C. to filter traffic as it passes through a router D. to filter traffic that originates from the router E. to replace passwords as a line of defense against security incursions   Answers: A C Question 2: A single 802.11g access point has been Read more […]

» CCNA – VLAN Questions 2

Ensurepassanswers to VLAN Questions – Part 2 Question 1 Which of the following are benefits of VLANs? (Choose three) A. They increase the size of collision domains. B. They allow logical grouping of users by function. C. They can enhance network security. D. They increase the size of broadcast domains while decreasing the number of collision domains. E. They increase the number of broadcast domains while decreasing the size of the broadcast domains. F. They simplify switch administration.   Answer: Read more […]

» CCNA – Subnetting Questions 4

EnsurepassQuestion 1 You are working in a data center environment and are assigned the address range You are asked to develop an IP addressing plan to allow the maximum number of subnets with as many as 30 hosts each.Which IP address range meets these requirements? A. B. C. D. E.   Answer: A Explanation Each subnet has 30 hosts < 32 = 25 so we need a subnet mask which has at least 5 Read more […]

» CCNA – VLAN Questions

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Refer to the exhibit. A network associate needs to configure the switches and router in the graphic so that the hosts in VLAN3 and VLAN4 can communicate with the enterprise server in VLAN2. Which two Ethernet segments would need to be configured as trunk links? (Choose two) A. A B. B C. C D. D E. E F. F   Answer: C F Explanation The link between the switches and the link between switch & router should be configured as trunks. Other links (connected Read more […]

» CCNA – Subnetting Questions 3

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Workstation A has been assigned an IP address of Workstation B has been assigned an IP address of The two workstations are connected with a straight-through cable. Attempts to ping between the hosts are unsuccessful. What two things can be done to allow communications between the hosts? (Choose two) A. Replace the straight-through cable with a crossover cable. B. Change the subnet mask of the hosts to /25. C. Change the subnet mask of the Read more […]

» CCNA – Switch Questions 3

Ensurepassanswers to Switch Questions – Part 3 Question 1 Which of the following are true regarding bridges and switches? (Choose two) A. Bridges are faster than switches because they have fewer ports. B. A switch is a multiport bridge. C. Bridges and switches learn MAC addresses by examining the source MAC address of each frame received. D. A bridge will forward a broadcast but a switch will not. E. Bridges and switches increase the size of a collision domain.   Answer: B C Question Read more […]

» CCNA – Subnetting Questions 2

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Refer to the exhibit. Which VLSM mask will allow for the appropriate number of host addresses for Network A? A. /25 B. /26 C. /27 D. /28   Answer: A Explanation We need 66 hosts < 128 = 27 -> We need 7 bits 0 -> The subnet mask should be 1111 1111.1111 1111.1111 1111.1000 0000 -> /25 Question 2 Refer to the exhibit. Which subnet mask will place all hosts on Network B in the same subnet with the least amount of wasted addresses? A. B. Read more […]

» CCNA – Switch Questions 2

EnsurepassQuestion 1 In which circumstance are multiple copies of the same unicast frame likely to be transmitted in a switched LAN? A. after broken links are re-established B. in an improperly implemented redundant topology C. when upper-layer protocols require high reliability D. during high traffic periods E. when a dual ring topology is in use   Answer: B Explanation If we connect two switches via 2 or more links and do not enable STP on these switches then a loop (which Read more […]

» CCNA – Drag and Drop 5

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Drag the Cisco default administrative distance to the appropriate routing protocol or route (Not all options are used)   Answer: + RIP: 120 + OSPF: 110 + static route referencing IP address of next hop: 1 + internal EIGRP route: 90 + directly connected network: 0 Question 2 Drag the term on the left to its definition on the right (not all options are used)   Answer: + poison reverse: A router learns from its neighbor that a route is down and the router Read more […]

» CCNA – Subnetting

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Given a subnet mask of, which of the following addresses can be assigned to network hosts? (Choose three) A – B – C – D – E – F –   Answer: B C D Explanation A subnet mask of has an increment of 32 (the binary form of the last octet is 1110 0000) so we can’t use numbers which are the multiples of 32 because they are sub-network Read more […]

» CCNA – Switch Questions

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Which two commands can be used to verify a trunk link configuration status on a Cisco switch? (choose two) A. show interfaces trunk B. show interfaces switchport C. show ip interface brief D. show interfaces vlan   Answer: A B Explanation The “show interfaces trunk” command and “show interfaces switchport” command can be used to verify the status of an interface (trunking or not). The outputs of these commands are shown below (port Ethernet 1/0 has Read more […]

» CCNA – Drag and Drop 4

Ensurepassanswers to CCNA Drag and Drop Questions – Part 4 Question 1 Drag the function on the left to the matching security appliance or application on the right. (Not all functions are used)   Answer: 1) antispyware: detects software designed to capture sensitive information and removes it from the computer 2) antivirus: prevents known malicious programs from being installed on workstations 3) IDS: identifies malicious network traffic and alerts network personnel 4) firewall: filters Read more […]

» CCNA – Access List Questions

EnsurepassQuestion 1 Your boss is learning a CCNA training course, refer to the exhibit. The access list has been configured on the S0/0 interface of router RTB in the outbound direction. Which two packets, if routed to the interface, will be denied? (Choose two) access-list 101 deny tcp any eq telnet access-list 101 permit ip any any A. source ip address:; destination port: 21 B. source ip address: destination port: 21 C. source ip address: Read more […]

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