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Which statement about the Cisco Meraki cloud architecture is true?


  1. Devices are configured in the cloud on first use and then managed locally after they are set


  1. All Meraki devices are managed locally by default

  2. Management data flows to the Cisco Meraki cloud and user traffic flows directly to its

destination on the LAN or across the WAN.

  1. All data flows through the Cisco Meraki cloud.


Correct Answer: C




Which two capabilities are found on the Cisco ASA 5512-X that are not found on the Cisco ASA

5510? (Choose two.)


  1. 50 VLANs

  2. 250 site-to-site IPsec sessions

  3. 6 Gigabit Ethernet

  4. Multi-core CPU


Correct Answer: CD




Which three options are features of the Cisco Validated Design Program? (Choose three.)


  1. Onsite consulting from Cisco Advanced Services engineers.

  2. Design guides organized by solution, technology, and architecture.

  3. Details on guidelines and practices for different customer scenarios.

  4. Specific guidance based on your customer’s current environment.

  5. System and solution designs that are documented and tested.

  6. 24×7 phone support on network design questions.


Correct Answer: BCE



Your customer has a small business. Their infrastructure includes a single Cisco ISR, and two

Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches running multiple VLANs. Which Cisco branded service should be

offered to this customer?


  1. Smart business service

  2. Small business support service

  3. SMARTnet

  4. Partner support service

  5. SmartCare


Correct Answer: B




Which Cisco IP Phone series should be recommended to a customer who wants a basic voice

communication endpoint?


  1. Cisco 6900 Series

  2. Cisco 8900 Series

  3. Cisco 7900 Series

  4. Cisco 3900 Series

  5. Cisco 9900 Series


Correct Answer: D




Which two IT solution characteristics do small and midsize business customers prefer?

(Choose two.)


  1. Solutions that will increase employee morale.

  2. Flexibility; devices can be added easily in the future.

  3. Enterprise-grade functionality; complexity is not a concern.

  4. Simple devices that work well together right out of the box.


Correct Answer: BD




Which three options are opportunities for partners to introduce Cisco Meraki products to existing or prospective customers? (Choose three.)


  1. Free Cisco Meraki refurbished equipment

  2. Cisco Meraki roadshow

  3. Cisco Meraki equipment rental program

  4. Webinars with a free AP for qualified attendees

  5. Free mobile device management with Systems Manager

  6. Free product trials


Correct Answer: DEF




Which wireless access point series supports Cisco ClientLink 2.0 and Cisco CleanAir, but does not

support clustering?


  1. 300 Series

  2. 1600 Series

  3. 700 Series

  4. 2600 Series


Correct Answer: D




Which design practice is the best to reduce wireless CCI?


  1. Place adjacent access points on different channels.

  2. Place adjacent access points on the same channel.

  3. Eliminate all signal overlap between access points.

  4. Configure access points with the lowest supported data rate.

  5. Place adjacent access points on non-overlapping channels.


Correct Answer: E




Which two characteristics describe a successful mobility installation? (Choose two.)


  1. Cisco Telepresence EX90 JS.

  2. Grow-as-you-go deployment.

  3. Access to information by any user, from any location, from any device.

  4. SMARTnet on every device.


Correct Answer: BC



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