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Which Cisco tool provides scripted, repeatable presentations, and customized pilots in real time

with real equipment?


  1. FindIt

  2. Cisco Commerce Workspace

  3. Cisco Partner Education Connection

  4. Cisco dCloud

  5. Cisco Network Discovery


Correct Answer: D




Which two Cisco ISR series are needed to support a Cisco Services-Ready Engine to deploy

services on demand? (Choose two.)


  1. 2900 Series

  2. 2800 Series

  3. 3900 Series

  4. 800 Series


Correct Answer: AC




Which two benefits will customers achieve if they upgrade to a properly configured Cisco

Borderless Network? (Choose two.)


  1. New application and service deployment is completely automated.

  2. Network availability increases and downtime decreases

  3. Security becomes less difficult to achieve.

  4. All potential failures will be eliminated.


Correct Answer: BC




Which three options are customer benefits of implementing a Cisco Borderless switching solution? (Choose three.)


  1. Spanning Tree

  2. Smart Install

  3. Auto SmartPorts

  4. Smart CallHome

  5. Solar-powered

  6. Uninterruptable power


Correct Answer: BCD




Which three options are competitive advantages of Cisco wireless solutions? (Choose three.)


  1. Improved WLAN reliability is provided

  2. Integrated security with wireless threat detection and mitigation is provided.

  3. Access points support only the centralized deployment model.

  4. Simplified and intuitive WLAN management and troubleshooting are provided.

  5. Access points support only the distributed deployment model

  6. Management and administration via Cisco SIO make deployment easy.


Correct Answer: ABD




Which two components are required for a Cisco centralized wireless deployment? (Choose two.)


  1. Cisco Centralized AirNet

  2. Cisco Wireless LAN Controller

  3. Cisco SIO

  4. Cisco AiroNet Access Point

  5. Cisco Prime

  6. Cisco ISR


Correct Answer: BD




Which two customer benefits can be realized with Cisco Unified Data Center? (Choose two.)


  1. 50 percent faster disaster recovery.

  2. 60 percent less cost for cooling and power.

  3. 15 percent faster in application performance, 40 percent less in infrastructure costs.

  4. 50 percent less time in application deployment.


Correct Answer: AB




Which two options are advantages of Cisco Data Center solutions over the competition?

(Choose two.)


  1. Embedded self service

  2. End-to-end optimization

  3. Scalability without complexity

  4. Seamless installation


Correct Answer: BC




A customer wants to deploy a solution that requires high-quality video for full multimedia

applications. Which two Cisco Unified Communication endpoint solutions should you recommend? (Choose two.)


  1. 6900 Series

  2. 8900 Series

  3. 5900 Series

  4. 9900 Series

  5. 3900 Series


Correct Answer: BD




Which two product portfolios help make up the Cisco Office in a Box solution? (Choose two.)


  1. Cisco UCS E-Series Servers

  2. Cisco ISR 1900, 2900 and 3900 Series

  3. Cisco Nexus 5000

  4. Cisco ISR 2900 and 3900 Series

  5. Cisco UCS C-Series Servers

  6. Cisco Nexus 3048


Correct Answer: AD


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