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What are two advantages of using an intermediate distribution frame? (Choose two)


A.       Power over Ethernet capability

B.       higher RU density

C.       reduced space

D.       hot-swappable hard drives

E.        reduced cabling


Correct Answer: AE




Which steps must be taken when preparing Cisco ASDM for use?


A.       Connect the PC to the security, set up the security appliance, and use the console to connect to PIX.

B.       Set up security appliance, connect to the security appliance, and configure the PC for DHCP.

C.       Configure the PC, set up the security appliance, and ensure that the PC and security appliance are on the same subnet.

D.       Set up security appliance, connect the PC to the security appliance, and ensure that the PC is on the same subnet as DHCP.


Correct Answer: C




The Cisco SA 500 Series Security Appliances are built specifically for businesses with less than 100 employees. What are three important benefits of this device? (Choose three)


A.       business-grade firewall

B.       premium support via SmartNet

C.       site-to-site VPN for remote offices

D.       Cisco IOS software-based

E.        email security

F.        XML support


Correct Answer: ACE




What are two advantages of implementing a router on a stick? (Choose two)


A.       offers a single traffic path to alleviate congestion

B.       uses a common network topology

C.       provides communications between VLANs on remote switches

D.       allows multilayer switches to perform routing

E.        offers the highest rate of packets-per-second routing performance

F.        allows for single point of failure for easy management and upgrade


Correct Answer: CF




Which three are integrated Smart Applications included with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 series? (Choose three)


A.       Smart Business Suite

B.       Connected Data Protector

C.       Timecard View

D.       Cisco Unified Call Connector

E.        Cisco WebEx Phone Connect

F.        VoiceView Express


Correct Answer: CDE




Which authentication uses biometrics?


A.       password

B.       voice

C.       tokens

D.       certificates


Correct Answer: B




What does understanding the radiation patterns of different antennas types help you to determine when providing wireless coverage in an office building?


A.       the exact number of access points that are needed

B.       the type of antenna to cover a specific area

C.       the size of an area that will be covered

D.       the location of the access points


Correct Answer: C




Which three elements can you review when examining the traffic across a network? (Choose three)


A.       VPN connection

B.       packet flows

C.       ACLs

D.       states

E.        connections

F.        firewalls

G.       mainframe


Correct Answer: BCE




How do the Cisco ISR G2 platforms enable the next phase of branch-office evolution?


A.       They allow future enabling of high-bandwidth video and high-availability, through multi-core CPUs and support for high-capacity DSPs.

B.       They integrate multiple processors in one unit to enable rich-media collaboration and virtualization.

C.       They feature wire-speed Fast Ethernet for high performance.

D.       They offer services through a robust Layer 2 and Layer 3 fixed and stackable switch.


Correct Answer: B




Which security audit mode allows you to make all recommended security-related configuration changes automatically?


A.       Security Audit wizard

B.       Interface management

C.       One-step Lockdown

D.       Cisco Configuration Professional


Correct Answer: C


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