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Which two Cisco Products can demonstrate the “one policy” approach in the Cisco unified access solution? (Choose two.)


A.       Cisco mobility services engine

B.       Catalyst 6500 series switch

C.       Cisco ISE

D.       Cisco WLC

E.        Cisco AnyConnect


Correct Answer: CE




What are four major solution areas of Cisco SecureX architecture? (Choose four)


A.       Secure networking branch

B.       Secure access

C.       Secure mobility

D.       Secure data center and cloud

E.        Secure management

F.        Secure WAN


Correct Answer: ABCD




Which two of these routers series on packet voice/data module slots? (Choose two)


A.       Cisco 2900 series routers

B.       Cisco 1900 series routers

C.       Cisco 800 series routers

D.       Cisco 3900 series routers

E.        Cisco ASR 1000 series routers


Correct Answer: AD




Which two statements accurately described the impact of BYOD to the network? (Choose two)


A.       TCO is reduced because employees use their privately owned devices.

B.       BYOD increases productivity but IT must find ways to integrate the utilized devices seamlessly with wired as well as Wireless Networks.

C.       BYOD adds the requirement to support multiple operating systems.

D.       Corporate users to expect the same look and feel when using their own devices.


Correct Answer: BC




Which of the statements about Cisco WAAS is true?


A.       Cisco WAAS express as the same features as Cisco WAAS and differs only in performance.

B.       Cisco WAAS express and run simultaneously with other Express Services on the same Cisco Services ready engine.

C.       Cisco WAAS express and run simultaneously on the same Cisco Service ready engine only with Cisco unity express.

D.       When Cisco WAAS express is not required, and other Express Service can run on the same Cisco Services ready engine.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following statements best describes total cost of ownership (TCO)?


A.       TCO is the sum of all CapEx.

B.       TCO consists of direct costs (CapEx) and indirect such as labor and training.

C.       TCO Consists of direct costs (CapEx) and indirect costs that is training, user productivity, growth potential, and so on.

D.       TCO is relevant to the finance manager only.


Correct Answer: B




Which two statements describe the role of core technologies with regard to business processes? (Choose two.)


A.       An end-to-end borderless network architecture builds the foundation for integrating people and tasks in changing market environments

B.       Operational agility is important for businesses today a constant, stable core allows IT to focus on the rapidly changing applications.

C.       In order to react to market changes, operations and processes have to be modified as well. The network infrastructure has to match the change requirements.

D.       Requirements to core technologies are rather static and are therefore independent of market changes.


Correct Answer: AC




Which two statements best describe the challenges that customers have to face when providing services and the borderless world? (Choose two.)


A.       How do you control energy consumption of devices that are owned by employees?

B.       How can you support video in the whole network?

C.       How can you integrate cloud services seamlessly into your network?

D.       Which type of firewall should you deploy?


Correct Answer: BC




A company needs to provide site-to-site VPN, remote access VPN, and firewall protection. Which device best supports all three functions?


A.       Cisco PIX

B.       Cisco ASA

C.       Cisco Concentrator

D.       Cisco Router and Security Device Manager


Correct Answer: B




What can be used to troubleshoot complex network and VPN connectively issues?


A.       NAT

B.       CCP

C.       IPsec

D.       NAC


Correct Answer: B


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