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Which logical interface is the communications path between the SGSN and the Cisco GGSN?


  1. IuPS interface

  2. Gi interface

  3. Gn interface

  4. MAP interface


Correct Answer: C




What is the HLR configuration imsi starts-with command used for?


  1. to specify the IMSI number

  2. IMSI analysis

  3. to change the IMSI number

  4. to display point-code definition


Correct Answer: A




What is the show alarm outstanding verbose command used for?


  1. to view alarms and some details about each one

  2. to view some general alarm-related statistics

  3. to view alarms that have been sent to a trap manager

  4. to view a cumulative count of traps that have been sent


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is one of the three nodes of Cisco ASR 5000 services that comprise the Evolved Packet Core?


  1. Cisco PDSN

  2. SGSN

  3. Cisco MME

  4. Cisco GGSN


Correct Answer: C


Which criteria is used to measure the maximum rate (in bits per second) that the subscriber packets can be transmitted and received for the subscriber during the sampling?


  1. Burst size

  2. committed data rate

  3. peak data rate

  4. subscriber data rate


Correct Answer: A




Which component needs to be configured within the source context to process a nontransparent Cisco GGSN call?


  1. A Gn interface (bound to a port)

  2. an IP pool

  3. a Gi interface (bound to a port)

  4. APN definition


Correct Answer: D




When executing the traceroute command, what is the variable count used for?


  1. to show the number of packets that were sent to the remote host for verification

  2. to show the source node that is using the assigned IP address of the node

  3. to show the IP address of the remote node

  4. to specify the number of UDP probe packets to send


Correct Answer: D




Which command verifies the ability of the system to communicate with a remote node in the network by passing data packets between them and measuring the response?


  1. Show ip arp

  2. Show ip route

  3. Monitor

  4. Ping

Correct Answer: D




Which of the following statements is true regarding traffic shaping?


  1. It provides a buffer facility for packets that have exceeded the configured limit.

  2. The bandwidth enforcement can be done in the downlink only.

  3. It results in uneven throughput of traffic.

  4. Excess traffic is dropped.


Correct Answer: A




Which context provides access to a PDN or Gi interface?


  1. accounting context

  2. source context

  3. AAA context

  4. destination context


Correct Answer: D



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