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Which of the following statements is true regarding alarms and traps?


  1. A trap is not buffered in memory.

  2. An alarm is a notification is sent from the SNMP agent on the Cisco ASR 5000 to an external SNMP manager.

  3. A trap is stored on the flash card of the management module on the Cisco ASR 5000.

  4. An alarm is removed from memory when the condition that created it is cleared.


Correct Answer: D




When you are troubleshooting hardware, what does the slave system control bus field indicate?


  1. The firmware version of the system control bus.

  2. The version number of one of the system control buses that allow the SPC to communicate with PACs.

  3. The firmware version of the chassis information FPGA.

  4. The firmware version of the component that allows non-SPCs and non-SMCs to communicate with the SPC and SMC over the system control bus.


Correct Answer: D




In which interface configuration is the GPRS service defined in the same context as the interfaces?


  1. Gr over IP

  2. Gb over IP

  3. Gb over Frame Relay

  4. Gd over Frame Relay


Correct Answer: B




What is the show crash list command used for?


  1. to see details of one of the entries on the crash log list

  2. to see a list of the unabridged crash log

  3. to see a list of the abridged crash log

  4. to see a list of the crash log


Correct Answer: D




Which card is used in Cisco ASR 5000 model to manage system functions?


  1. SMC

  2. SPC

  3. Line card

  4. PAC


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following statements is true regarding Cisco GGSN during PDP context activation?


  1. The context request message uses the GPRS Tunneling Protocol.

  2. The Cisco GGSN authenticates the request message and sends a Create PDP Context Request message.

  3. The Cisco GGSN determines if it can facilitate a session and creates a new entry in its PDP context list.

  4. The Cisco GGSN returns an Activate PDP Context Accept message to the mobile station.

  5. The Cisco GGSN receives an Activate PDP Context Request message from the mobile station.


Correct Answer: C






The system tracks events through logging. Which of the following are two of the five types of logging? (Choose two.)


  1. Inactive

  2. Variable

  3. Monitor

  4. Crash

  5. data rate

  6. session

  7. idle


Correct Answer: CD




What is the show leds all command used for?


  1. to display details about line card LEDs

  2. to display the status of the two power filter units of the chassis

  3. display the status of application and line card LEDs

  4. to display all card LEDs


Correct Answer: C




The remote file format command is used to configure the name and location of the bulk statistics file on the collection server. What does the date 3 variable do?


  1. displays the system hostname that created the file

  2. displays the UTC date on which the collection file was created

  3. displays the date on which the collection file was created

  4. displays an important dates


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following statements is true regarding the SGSN environment?


  1. The SGSN needs the ability to query the HLR to receive subscriber service profiles and to authenticate connection requests.

  2. In the 3G environment, the SGSN acts as the controller of the BSCs that are connected to it.

  3. The data plane in the 3G environment is implemented by the RANAP protocol.

  4. In the 2G environment, control information is exchanged using SS7 between the RNCs and the SGSN.


Correct Answer: A

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