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For which mobility management state is the location of the mobile station tracked by the serving RNC?


  1. PMM-Detached

  2. PMM-ldle and PMM-Detached

  3. PMM-ldle

  4. PMM-Connected


Correct Answer: D




How many VLAN tags may contain each physical port on an Ethernet 1000 me card?


  1. up to 124

  2. up to 1820

  3. up to 1024

  4. up to 2000


Correct Answer: C




Which reference point supports communication between the eNodeB and the serving gateway?


  1. S1-MME

  2. S1-U

  3. S3

  4. S10


Correct Answer: B




Which two of the following are the characteristics of the high availability task (choose two.)


  1. It triggers an event to the RCT subsystem to take corrective action.

  2. It runs only on the active SMC.

  3. It is found n the management module only.

  4. It provides the system with the ability to set, Retrieve, and be notified of system configuration parameters.

  5. It is responsible for maintaining the operational state of tasks in the system.

  6. Ti is responsible for executing the recovery action for any failure that occurs in the system.

  7. It is responsible for storing data for the applications that run on the system.


Correct Answer: AE




What is the main function of GSS FileGen?


  1. process and store the information received from the GSN system and the records that the GSS application generates

  2. generate CDR data files for billing systems that do not have a direct billing interface to a GSN system

  3. enable support for multiple GSS nodes that are clustered to provide high availability and critical redundancy

  4. manage the GTPP Storage Server operations


Correct Answer: B


When viewing port-level counters, what does the RX SHORT OK field indicate?


  1. The number of overflows that were received.

  2. The number of frames of less than 64 bytes in length that were received without any error.

  3. The number of frames that were larger than the maximum frame size that were received without any error.

  4. The number of frames with lengths between 64 bytes and the maximum frame size that were received with an integral number of bytes and a CRC error.


Correct Answer: B




When viewing the port-level status detail, what does the Link State field indicate?


  1. The operational state.

  2. The data that is being supported by the port.

  3. If the link is up or down.

  4. The actual duplex mode that is currently being used for the link.


Correct Answer: C




What does the show snmp trap statistics command do?


  1. Shows trap statistics.

  2. Displays a cumulative count of traps.

  3. Displays outstanding (uncleared) TCAs.

  4. Shows trap cumulative statistics.


Correct Answer: D




How many independent bulk statistic files, or configuration can be created?


  1. Only one

  2. Up to two

  3. Up to three

  4. Up to four


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following statements is true regarding SGSN when serving a 2G network?


  1. None of the management tasks that are handled in the 3G environment by the SGSN.

  2. RNC are tasked to the SGSN in the 2G environment.

  3. The SGSN communicates with RNC when serving a 2G network.

  4. In the 2G environment, the SGSN must connect to BSS via a “physical” circuit.

  5. Less is required of the SGSN when it is serving a 2G network.


Correct Answer: C



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