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Which two VMware features must be turned off in the data center cluster for Cisco VM-FEX universal pass-through to operate? (Choose two.)


A.      VMCI

B.      DRS

C.      FT

D.      HA

E.       vMotion


Correct Answer: AC




Which two VMware features will not allow an adapter to transition from Cisco VM-FEX standard mode to universal pass-through mode? (Choose two.)


A.      VM Snapshot

B.      Volume Shadow Copy

C.      Storage vMotion

D.      HA

E.       Resource Reservations


Correct Answer: AC




Which BIOS setting is required for a VMware ESXi 5.0 host to support Cisco VM-FEX universal pass-through mode?


A.      VT for Directed IO

B.      ACPI 10 Support

C.      VEMDPA Agent

D.      Execute Disabled Bit

E.       Processor C State


Correct Answer: A





What are the three main components of the VM-FEX environment? (Choose three.)


A.      Red Hat Network Satellite server

B.      ESX host with Cisco UCS M81KR VIC

C.      ESX host with Cisco UCS M72KR CAN

D.      VMware vCenter

E.       VMware Update Manager

F.       Cisco UCS Manager

G.      Cisco VSG


Correct Answer: BDF




Which two policies can be configured in a port profile for VM-FEX high-performance mode? (Choose two.)


A.      QoS policy

B.      network control policy

C.      adapter policy

D.      BIOS policy

E.       vNIC connection policy


Correct Answer: AC




Which three options are true regarding port profiles in Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose three.)


A.      Port profiles define operating-system kernel parameters.

B.      Port profiles are represented as a port group in vCenter.

C.      Port profiles can be used by more than one DVS.

D.      Port profile parameters are visible on vCenter.

E.       Port profile parameters can be modified from vCenter.

F.       Port profiles can be modified only from Cisco UCS Manager.


Correct Answer: BCF




Which two options are valid modes for VM-FEX in a Cisco UCS Manager port profile? (Choose two.)

A.      transparent

B.      bypass

C.      standard

D.      advanced

E.       high-performance

F.       low-pass


Correct Answer: CE




Which two elements are defined in a dynamic vNIC connection policy? (Choose two.)


A.      adapter policy

B.      QoS policy

C.      network control policy

D.      number of dynamic vNICs

E.       jumbo frame size


Correct Answer: AD




Which adapter is capable of supporting VM-FEX?


A.      VIC 1280

B.      Cisco UCS M61KR-I

C.      Cisco UCS M72KR

D.      Cisco UCS M51KR-B


Correct Answer: A




Which item represents a secure method of transmitting fault data with Cisco Call Home?


A.      IPsec

B.      SSL email

C.      secure XML

D.      Cisco Transport Gateway

E.       RSA Digital Certificate


Correct Answer: D


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