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When multicast traffic is a required design element, why is the Cisco UCS 6248UP a better choice than the Cisco UCS 6140XP?


A.      Cisco UCS 6140XP does not allow multicast traffic propagation.

B.      Cisco UCS 6140XP does not support IGMP snooping on uplink interfaces.

C.      Cisco UCS 6248UP employs separate unicast and multicast egress queues.

D.      Cisco UCS 6248UP supports PIM dense mode rendezvous points.

E.       Cisco UCS 6248UP supports dynamic queue mapping of IGMP v3 requests.


Correct Answer: C




Which two devices require a connection to an external switch for East-West switching? (Choose two.)


A.      Cisco Nexus 3548

B.      Cisco UCS 6248UP

C.      Cisco UCS 2208XP

D.      Cisco Nexus 2232PP

E.       Cisco UCS 6296UP


Correct Answer: CD




What is your recommendation to a customer interested in slowing power consumption in the data center? (Choose two.)


A.      Consolidate servers through virtualization.

B.      Convert servers from 220v to 110v.

C.      Implement Cisco Unified Fabric.

D.      Convert from AC to DC power distribution.

E.       Stop using redundant power supplies.


Correct Answer: AC




Which three items represent data center virtualization technologies? (Choose three.)


A.      VDC

B.      VSAN

C.      LUN

D.      L2 firewall

E.       GLBP

F.       ECMP


Correct Answer: ABC




What technology is necessary to support vPC+?


A.      MPLS

B.      OTV

C.      FabricPath

D.      vCenter

E.       RPVST

F.       MST


Correct Answer: C




What is configured on an NHRP to trigger failover if an SVI goes down?


A.      BPDU

B.      weight

C.      interface priority

D.      object tracking

E.       local preference

F.       cost


Correct Answer: D




Which two devices operate only at OSI Layer 2? (Choose two.)


A.      Cisco Nexus 7010

B.      Cisco Nexus 5548

C.      Cisco Nexus 5596

D.      Cisco Nexus 5020

E.       Cisco Nexus 3016

F.       Cisco Nexus 2248


Correct Answer: DF




What allows for STP to be disabled yet support a loop-free topology even on link or switch failure?


A.      LACP

B.      OTV

C.      vPC

D.      vPC+

E.       FabricPath


Correct Answer: E




Which three options are examples of NHRP? (Choose three.)


A.      OSPF

B.      HSRP

C.      VRRP

D.      GLBP

E.       OCSP

F.       EIGRP

G.      MPLS


Correct Answer: BCD




Your customer has a PCI requirement to protect with a firewall access layer servers that process

Visa transactions. Which Cisco Firewall Services Module deployment topology will have the least impact on existing IP addressing?


A.      Transparent

B.      One-Arm

C.      Routed

D.      Inline

E.       Clustered


Correct Answer: A


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