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By default it will take 10 seconds for authentication to fail due to an unresponsive RADIUS server before a Cisco Nexus series switch reverts to another RADIUS server or local authentication. What is one efficient way to improve the reaction time to a RADIUS server failure?


A.      Decrease the global RADIUS retransmission count to 1.

B.      Decrease the global RADIUS timeout interval to 5 seconds.

C.      Configure the RADIUS retransmission count and timeout interval per server, versus globally.

D.      Configure per server a test idle timer, along with a username and password.


Correct Answer: D




Which statement about RADIUS configuration distribution using Cisco Fabric Services on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch is true?


A.      Cisco Fabric Services does not distribute the RADIUS server group configuration or server and global keys.

B.      Enabling Cisco Fabric Services causes the existing RADIUS configuration on your Cisco NXOS device to be immediately distributed.

C.      When the RADIUS configuration is being simultaneously changed on more than one device in a Cisco Fabric Services region, the most recent changes will take precedence.

D.      Only the Cisco NX-OS device with the lowest IP address in the Cisco Fabric Services region can lock the RADIUS configuration.


Correct Answer: A




When a local RBAC user account has the same name as a remote user account on an AAA server, what happens when a user with that name logs into a Cisco Nexus switch?


A.      The user roles from the remote AAA user account are applied, not the configured local user roles.

B.      All the roles are merged (logical OR).

C.      The user roles from the local user account are applied, not the remote AAA user roles.

D.      Only the roles that are defined on both accounts are merged (logical AND).


Correct Answer: C




Which statement is true if password-strength checking is enabled?


A.      Short, easy-to-decipher passwords will be rejected.

B.      The strength of existing passwords will be checked.

C.      Special characters, such as the dollar sign ($) or the percent sign (%), will not be allowed.

D.      Passwords become case-sensitive.


Correct Answer: A




Which statement about RBAC user roles on a Cisco Nexus switch is true?


A.      If you belong to multiple roles, you can execute only the commands that are permitted by both roles (logical AND).

B.      Access to a command takes priority over being denied access to a command.

C.      The predefined roles can only be changed by the network administrator (superuser).

D.      The default SAN administrator role restricts configuration to Fibre Channel interfaces.

E.       On a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, roles are shared between VDCs.


Correct Answer: B




Which two statements about SAN zoning on Cisco Nexus switches are true? (Choose two.)


A.      Unlike configured zones, default zone information is not distributed to the other switches in the fabric.

B.      Traffic can either be permitted or denied among members of the default zone. This information is not distributed to all switches. It must be configured in each switch.

C.      The settings for default zone configurations cannot be changed.

D.      To activate a zone set, you must copy the running configuration to the startup configuration after the zone set is configured.

E.       Soft zoning restrictions will not prevent a source device from accessing a device outside its zone, if the source knows the Fibre Channel ID of the destination.

F.       Hard zoning is enforced by the hardware on each FLOGI sent by an N Port.


Correct Answer: BE




Which two statements about SAN zoning on Cisco Nexus switches are true? (Choose two.)


A.      Zoning is enforced by examining the destination ID field.

B.      Devices can only belong to one zone.

C.      Only one zone set can be activated at any time.

D.      A zone can only be a member one zone set.

E.       Zoning must be administered from the primary SAN switch in the fabric.

F.       Zone configuration changes are nondisruptive.


Correct Answer: CF




The Connectivity Management Processor monitors the active supervisor module on a Cisco Nexus 7000 switch and will reboot the device in the event of a lights-out management issue. However, which option includes features that provide similar benefits in the absence of the Connectivity Management Processor?


A.      high-availability functionality from features such as vPC and NSF

B.      traditional system connectivity models like SNMP, GUI, or SSH

C.      Cisco FabricPath

D.      VDC failover


Correct Answer: A




Which Cisco Nexus feature is best managed with DCNM-SAN?


A.      VSS

B.      domain parameters

C.      virtual switches

D.      AAA


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following Cisco Nexus features is best managed with DCNM-LAN?


A.      VSS

B.      Domain parameters

C.      Virtual switches

D.      AAA


Correct Answer: C


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