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Which two statements are correct regarding the IPv6 addressing structure? (Choose two.)


A.      All IPv6 interfaces have a link-local address.

B.      IPv6 interfaces can only have one local and one global address.

C.      An IPv6 interface can have only one unicast, anycast, and multicast address.

D.      An IPv6 interface can have multiple anycast addresses assigned to it.


Correct Answers: AD




Refer to the exhibit. What will RTB do with a packet sourced from within AS 64200 with a destination address of




A. It will be dropped because network is not in the RTA routing table.

B. It will be dropped because network is not in the RTB routing table.

C. It will be forwarded to the null 0 interface of RTB and dropped.

D. It will be forwarded to the RTB network.


Correct Answers: D




For IPv6, what term or phrase best describes a type 9 LSA in OSPF?


A.      router LSA

B.      interarea prefix LSA

C.      link LSA

D.      interarea prefix LSA for ABRs


Correct Answers: B




What action does an EIGRP router take when it cannot find a feasible successor for a network?


A.      It examines the routing and neighbor tables for the next best path.

B.      It transitions from passive to active state for that network and queries its neighbors.

C.      It examines the topology table for a next best path.

D.      It transitions from active to passive state for that network and queries its neighbors.


Correct Answers: B




Based on the exhibited command output, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)




A.      The EIGRP network is stable.

B.      The router at has not replied to the R1 query packet.

C.      The route to is undergoing recomputation.

D.      The route to is stuck-in-active.

E.       R1 has sent a query packet to


Correct Answers: CE




Which statement is true about IPv6?


A.      Only one IPv6 address is assigned per node.

B.      Only one IPv6 address can be assigned to each interface.

C.      Each host can autoconfigure its address without the aid of a DHCP server.

D.      IPv6 hosts use anycast addresses to assign IP addresses to interfaces.


Correct Answers: C




Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP is configured on all routers in the network and no variance has been enabled. On a basis of the topology information provided, which routing path will be selected and placed in the routing table on router R3 to reach network




A.      router R3 router R2 switch SW2 router R1

B.      router R3 router R4 switch SW1 router R1

C.      router R3 router R4 switch SW2 router R1

D.      Router R3 will load balance between the paths through routers R2 and R4.


Correct Answers: A




Which two statements are true about external BGP neighbor relationships? (Choose two.)


A.      Static routes or an interior gateway protocol is required between EBGP neighbors.

B.      EBGP neighbors must be in different autonomous systems.

C.      EBGP neighbors use TCP port 179 to exchange BGP routing tables.

D.      Loopback addresses should be used between EBGP neighbors.

E.       The BGP split-horizon rule specifies that routes learned via IBGP are never propagated to other EBGP peers.

F.       When an EBGP neighbor receives an update from another EBGP neighbor, it should not forward the update to other EBGP neighbors.


Correct Answers: BC




Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the information that is presented, which statement is true?




A.      Route updates containing the DNS server address will be denied placement in the route table.

B.      Route updates containing the DNS server address will be placed in the route table, but traffic going to the DNS server will be denied.

C.      Route updates containing the DNS server address will be placed in the route table, but traffic coming from the DNS server will be denied.

D.      Traffic going to the DNS server will be blocked at the S0/0 interface on the router Central.


Correct Answers: C




Which is the correct command format to configure EIGRP summary route?


A.      ip auto-summary as-number address mask

B.      ip summary-address as-number address mask

C.      ip auto-summary eigrp as-number address mask

D.      ip summary-route eigrp as-number address mask

E.       ip summary-address eigrp as-number address mask


Correct Answers: E


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