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Click and drag the associated EIGRP functionality on the left to the corresponding topology characteristic on the right.




Correct Answer:





Which two statements about 6to4 tunneling are accurate? (Choose two.)


A.       Prepending a reserved IPv6 code to the hexadecimal representation of facilitates 6to4 tunneling.

B.       Each 6to4 site receives a /48 prefix in a 6to4 tunnel.

C.       2002::/48 is the address range specifically assigned to 6to4.

D.       Prepending 0x2002 with the IPv4 address creates an IPv6 address that is used in 6to4 tunneling.

E.        6to4 is a manual tunnel method.


Correct Answer: BD




Which three statements are true when configuring redistribution for OSPF? (Choose three)


A.       The default metric is 10.

B.       The default metric is 20.

C.       The default metric type is 2.

D.      The default metric type is 1.

E.       Subnets do not redistribute by default.

F.        Subnets redistribute by default.


Correct Answer: BCE


Which two statements are true about 6to4 tunnels? (Choose two.)


A.       In a 6to4 tunnel, the first two bytes of the IPv6 address will be 0x2002 and the next four bytes will be the hexadecimal equivalent of the IPv4 address.

B.       In a 6to4 tunnel, the first two bytes of the IPv6 address will be locally derived and the next two bytes will be the hexadecimal equivalent of the IPv4 address.

C.       In a 6to4 tunnel, the IPv4 address would be converted to the 2002:c0a8:6301::/48 IPv6 address.

D.       In a 6to4 tunnel, the IPv4 address would be converted to the 2002:c0a8:6301::/16 IPv6 address.

E.        In a 6to4 tunnel, the IPv4 address would be converted to the 2002:1315:4463:1::/64 IPv6 address.


Correct Answer: AC




A network administrator is managing a hub-and-spoke network with EIGRP routing that has been enabled. The hub router is trying to query a remote router. However, delays are occurring that are caused by certain paths being stuck in active (SIA). How should the administrator configure EIGRP in order to limit the scope of the query range and prevent SIA from occurring?


A.       Configure the hub router with a scope limit of 1.

B.       Configure the remote router with a scope limit of 1.

C.       Configure the hub to indicate that the remote router is a stub router.

D.      Configure the hub and remote router as stub routers.

E.       Configure the remote router as a stub router.

F.        Disable the SIA feature of EIGRP on the remote router.


Correct Answer: E




Which Ipv4-mapped Ipv6 address is equivalent to IPv6 address ::ffff:AC11:AC11?


A.       ::ffff:

B.       ::ffff:

C.       ::ffff:

D.      ::ffff:

E.       ::ffff:

F.        ::ffff:


Correct Answer: E




What administrative distance is given to EIGRP summary routes?


A.        0

B.        1

C.        5

D.        90

E.         95

F.         170


Correct Answer: C




What are three reasons to control routing updates via route filtering? (Choose three).


A.       to hide certain networks from the rest of the organization

B.       for easier implementation

C.       to control network overhead on the wire

D.      for simple security

E.       to prevent adjacencies from forming


Correct Answer: ACD




What are two possible causes for EIGRP Stuck-In-Active routers? (Choose Two)


A.       Some query or reply packets are lost between the routers.

B.       The neighboring router starts receiving route updates from this router.

C.       A failure causes traffic on a link between two neighboring routers to flow in only one direction (unidirectional link).

D.      The neighboring router stops receiving ACK packets from this router.


Correct Answer: AC




When configuring EIGRP to run across a 56 Kbps serial PPP link, what command do you need to put under the serial interface ensure proper convergence of EIGRP routes?


A.       bandwidth 56

B.       bandwidth 56000

C.       ip bandwidth-percent eigrp 1 56

D.      ip bandwidth-percent eigrp 1 56000


Correct Answer: A


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