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The following commands are issued on a Cisco Router:


Router(configuration)#access-list 199 permit tcp host host

Router(configuration)#access-list 199 permit tcp host host


Router#debug ip packet 199


What will the debug output on the console show?


A.       All IP packets passing through the router

B.       Only IP packets with the source address of

C.       All IP packets from to

D.      All IP packets between and


Correct Answer: D




What level of logging is enabled on a Router where the following logs are screen?


%LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface FastEthernet0/1, changed state to up

%LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet0/1, changed state to up


A.       alerts

B.       critical

C.       errors

D.      notifications


Correct Answer: D




You have the followings commands on your Cisco Router:


ip ftp username admin

ip ftp password backup


You have been asked to switch from FTP to HTTP. Which two commands will you use to replace the existing commands?


A.       ip http username admin

B.       ip http client username admin

C.       ip http password backup

D.      ip http client password backup

E.       ip http server username admin

F.        ip http server password backup


Correct Answer: BD




You have 2 NTP servers in your network – and You want to configurationure a Cisco router to use as its NTP server before falling back to Which commands will you use to configurationure the router?


A.  ntp server

    ntp server


B.  ntp server

    ntp server primary


C.  ntp server

    ntp server prefer


D.  ntp server fallback

    ntp server


Correct Answer: C




The following command is issued on a Cisco Router:


Router(configuration)#logging console warnings


Which alerts will be seen on the console?


A.       Warnings only

B.       debugging, informational, notifications, warnings

C.       warnings, errors, critical, alerts, emergencies

D.      notifications, warnings, errors

E.       warnings, errors, critical, alerts


Correct Answer: C



Which two of the following options are categories of Network Maintenance tasks?


A.       Firefighting

B.       Interrupt-driven

C.       Policy-based

D.      Structured

E.       Foundational


Correct Answer: BD




You enabled CDP on two Cisco Routers which are connected to each other. The Line and Protocol status for the interfaces on both routers show as UP but the routers do not see each other a CDP neighbors. Which layer of the OSI model does the problem most likely exist?


A.       Physical

B.       Session

C.       Application

D.      Data-Link

E.       Network


Correct Answer: D




FCAPS is a network maintenance model defined by ISO. It stands for which of the following?


A.       Fault Management

B.       Action Management

C.       Configuration Management

D.      Protocol Management

E.       Security Management


Correct Answer: ACE




Which three management categories are contained in the FCAPS network maintenance model? (Choose three.)


A.      Config

B.      Fault

C.      Storage

D.      Accounting

E.       Redundancy

F.       Telecommunications


Correct Answer: ABD




What is the result of configuring the logging console warning command?


A.      Messages with a severity level of 4 and higher will be logged to all available TTY lines.

B.      Only warning messages will be logged on the console.

C.      Warning, error, critical, and informational messages will be logged on the console.

D.      Warning, critical, alert, and emergency messages will be logged on the console.

E.       The logging console warning command needs to be followed in the configuration with logging buffered byte size to specify the message buffer size for the console.


Correct Answer: D


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