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Which is a function of the data center access layer?


A.      repeater

B.      high-speed packet switching

C.      access control

D.      firewalling and Intrusion Prevention

E.       services layer

F.       QoS marking


Correct Answer: F




Which vPC connection creates the illusion of a single control plane?


A.      vPC overlay link

B.      vPC peer link

C.      vPC keepalive link

D.      vPC control link

E.       vPC management link


Correct Answer: B




Where does the data plane operate on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch?


A.      unified crossbar fabric

B.      unified port controller

C.      supervisor module

D.      Policy Feature Card

E.       Connectivity Management Processor


Correct Answer: A




Which port type pair is used to connect FCoE switches in multihop FCoE?


A.      N to F

B.      VF to VN

C.      VE to VE

D.      TE to TE

E.       NL to NF


Correct Answer: C




What is the purpose of the Destination VIF field in the VNTag header?


A.      identify the physical satellite port on a Cisco Nexus 2000 Series fabric extender

B.      identify the virtual satellite port on a Cisco Nexus 2000 Series fabric extender

C.      identify the physical satellite port on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch

D.      identify the fabric port on a Cisco Nexus 2000 Series fabric extender


Correct Answer: A




Which is the complementary endpoint to a SCSI target?


A.      source

B.      origin

C.      host endpoint

D.      initiator

E.       successor


Correct Answer: D




Which is the correct command to install a feature license on Cisco MDS 9100 Series Fibre Channel Switches?


A.      MDS-A# install license bootflash:license_file.lic

B.      MDS-A# copy license bootflash:license_file.lic running-config

C.      MDS-A# install feature bootflash:license_file.lic

D.      MDS-A# copy feature bootflash:license_file.lic running-config

E.       MDS-A# update license pool bootflash:license_file.lic


Correct Answer: A




Which is the correct port mapping for a Fibre Channel HBA connected to a Cisco MDS Fibre Channel switch?


A.      H_Port to N_Port

B.      N_Port to S_Port

C.      H_Port to S_Port

D.      N_Port to F_Port

E.       H_Port to F_Port


Correct Answer: D




Which is employed by Cisco Nexus 7000 switching products to create multiple logical switches?


A.      VLAN

B.      VTP

C.      VRF

D.      VDC

E.       vPC


Correct Answer: D




Which method of virtualization requires significant modification to the guest operating system?


A.      full virtualization

B.      paravirtualization

C.      partial virtualization

D.      hypervisor virtualization

E.       host virtualization

F.       storage virtualization

G.      LAN virtualization


Correct Answer: B


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