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Which three items in Cisco Unified Computing System are subject to finite state machine validation? (Choose three.)


A.      SNMP get

B.      local login

C.      server discovery

D.      firmware downloads

E.       server boot

F.       backup jobs


Correct Answer: CDF




Which feature monitors state transitions of components and processes in Cisco Unified Computing System?


A.      finite state machine

B.      state monitor

C.      state manager

D.      discovery

E.       logical state arbiter


Correct Answer: A




What are the three basic states of an Ethernet interface on a Cisco Unified Computing System Fabric Interconnect? (Choose three.)


A.      unconfigured

B.      enabled

C.      disabled

D.      uplink

E.       server

F.       errdisabled


Correct Answer: ADE



Which three are components of the Cisco Unified Computing System 2104 I/O Module? (Choose three.)


A.      multiplexer

B.      chassis management console

C.      chassis management switch

D.      finite state machine

E.       chassis management controller


Correct Answer: ACE




Which two modes of setup are offered on the initial setup script on a Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect? (Choose two.)


A.      Restore

B.      Setup

C.      Console

D.      Serial

E.       Management 0


Correct Answer: AB




Which requirement is unique to service profile templates?


A.      VLAN

B.      VSAN

C.      pooled identities

D.      vNIC

E.       vHBA


Correct Answer: C




Which component of Cisco UCS B-Series is also referred to as a FEX?


A.      UCS 5108

B.      UCS 2104XP

C.      UCS 6248UP

D.      UCS 6120

E.       UCS MK72-KR


Correct Answer: B




Which statement is true regarding Cisco Unified Computing System Fabric Interconnect cluster configuration?


A.      A Cisco Unified Computing System Fabric Interconnect cluster can contain up to two peers for redundancy.

B.      A Cisco Unified Computing System Fabric Interconnect cluster can contain up to three peers for redundancy.

C.      A Cisco Unified Computing System Fabric Interconnect cluster can contain up to four peers for redundancy.

D.      A Cisco Unified Computing System Fabric Interconnect cluster can contain up to six peers for redundancy.


Correct Answer: A




On which layer of the tiered data center architecture do service modules such as FWSM, ACE, and WAAS typically appear?


A.      access

B.      services

C.      aggregation

D.      transport

E.       network

F.       core


Correct Answer: C




What is the principle function of the data center core layer?


A.      repeater

B.      high-speed packet switching

C.      access control

D.      firewalling and intrusion prevention

E.       services layer

F.       QoS marking


Correct Answer: B


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