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Which two statements best describe the LAG configuration between a Cisco WLC and a Cisco

Catalyst switch? (Choose two.)


A.      The Catalyst switch should be configured for PAgP.

B.      The Catalyst switch should be configured only for Layer 2 load balancing.

C.      The Catalyst switch should be configured for “on” mode.

D.      The Cisco WLC relies on the connected switch to perform the load-balance of traffic.

E.       The Cisco WLC aggregates multiple management interfaces into a single virtual interface.


Correct Answer: CD




Which two Cisco Unified Wireless Network capabilities use information that is provided by Radio

Resource Management neighbor messages in version 7.0 MR1? (Choose two.)


A.      aggressive load balancing

B.      dynamic channel assignment

C.      hybrid remote edge access point

D.      inter-controller mobility (that is, mobility groups)

E.       rogue AP classification


Correct Answer: BE




The wireless network is using controller-based APs and version 7.0 MR1. The APs appear to be

connected properly to the controllers. A wireless user near one of the APs reports that they are

unable to connect to the network with their pre-shared key. Which option shows the GUI path

where you can check the connection status of that client?


A.      WLANs > WLAN_ID > Advanced

B.      Security > Clients

C.      Security > Advanced > Clients

D.      Monitor > Clients

E.       Wireless > 802.11b/g/n > clients


Correct Answer: D




You are about to use a hotel’s guest wireless services using a wireless laptop. Which three items

do you need to establish a wireless connection? (Choose three.)


A.      SSID name

B.      RF channel

C.      RF signal

D.      802.1X/EAP credentials

E.       pre-shared key

F.       web page

G.      WPA/WPA2 settings


Correct Answer: ACF




You have an Apple IOS iPhone4 that is used on your home Wi-Fi network and a personal laptop

that is used on your work’s enterprise wireless network. At your office, you are unable to see the

enterprise wireless network on your iPhone4. What is the most likely cause of this issue?


A.      WPA2 CPU intensive encryption is not supported on the client.

B.      WPA2 must be enabled on the client.

C.      A new profile must be created on the client.

D.      Wi-Fi must be enabled on the client.

E.       The enterprise is 2.4 GHz only.

F.       The enterprise is 5 GHz only.

G.      The RF channel must be adjusted on the client.


Correct Answer: F




When Cisco AnyConnect modules are installed on a PC, which module must be installed first?


A.      telemetry

B.      web security

C.      VPN

D.      NAM

E.       DART

F.       posture

G.      CSSC


Correct Answer: C




Which option lists the key features of Cisco Compatible Extensions v5?


A.      Roaming and real-time diagnostics, MFP, a diagnostic channel that allows troubleshooting of

the client, client reporting, optional location service, and expedited bandwidth.

B.      AP assisted roam, Cisco Centralized Key Management, radio measurements, and transmit

power control.

C.      CAC, UPSD, voice metrics, MBSSIDs, location, link tests, and NAC.

D.      WME, proxy ARP, EAP-FAST, and WPA2, and single sign-on.

E.       LEAP, WPA, 802.1x and VLANs per AP, TKIP, and WiFi.


Correct Answer: A




A client is attached to the Cisco Unified Wireless Network using controllers. When the client is

using WPA2 and EAP authentication, where are the wireless encryption keys located during the

active user session? (Choose two.)


A.      on the access point

B.      on the RADIUS server

C.      on the Cisco WCS

D.      on the client

E.       on the Cisco WLC


Correct Answer: AD




Which Extensible Authentication Protocol types are supported by the Cisco Unified Wireless



A.      EAP-TLS, PEAP-MSCHAPv2, and PEAP-GTC only.

B.      LEAP and EAP-FAST only.


D.      Any EAP supported by the RADIUS authentication server.


Correct Answer: D




Which four parameters must be configured for local EAP-FAST on the controller? (Choose four.)


A.      authority ID

B.      authority ID Information

C.      client key

D.      PAC

E.       server key

F.       TTL for PAC

G.      monitor key

H.      NTP source


Correct Answer: ABEF


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