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In order to reassemble IP fragments into a complete IP datagram, which three IP header fields are referenced by the receiver? (Choose three.)


A.      don’t fragment flag

B.      packet is fragmented flag

C.      IP identification field

D.      more fragment flag

E.       number of fragments field

F.       fragment offset field


Correct Answer: CDF




Which VTP mode allows the Cisco Catalyst switch administrator to make changes to the VLAN configuration that only affect the local switch and are not propagated to other switches in the VTP domain?


A.      transparent

B.      server

C.      client

D.      local

E.       pass-through


Correct Answer: A




Which type of VPN is based on the concept of trusted group members using the GDOI key management protocol?


A.      DMVPN

B.      SSLVPN

C.      GETVPN

D.      EzVPN

E.       MPLS VPN

F.       FlexVPN


Correct Answer: C





Based on RFC 4890, what is the ICMP type and code that should never be dropped by the firewall to allow PMTUD?


A.      ICMPv6 Type 1 – Code 0 – no route to host

B.      ICMPv6 Type 1 – Code 1 – communication with destination administratively prohibited

C.      ICMPv6 Type 2 – Code 0 – packet too big

D.      ICMPv6 Type 3 – Code 1 – fragment reassembly time exceeded

E.       ICMPv6 Type 128 – Code 0 – echo request

F.       ICMPv6 Type 129 – Code 0 – echo reply


Correct Answer: C




A firewall rule that filters on the protocol field of an IP packet is acting on which layer of the OSI reference model?


A.      network layer

B.      application layer

C.      transport layer

D.      session layer


Correct Answer: A




Which layer of the OSI model is referenced when utilizing http inspection on the Cisco ASA to filter Instant Messaging or Peer to Peer networks with the Modular Policy Framework?


A.      application layer

B.      presentation layer

C.      network layer

D.      transport layer


Correct Answer: A




When a Cisco IOS Router receives a TCP packet with a TTL value less than or equal to 1, what will it do?


A.      Route the packet normally

B.      Drop the packet and reply with an ICMP Type 3, Code 1 (Destination Unreachable, Host Unreachable)

C.      Drop the packet and reply with an ICMP Type 11, Code 0 (Time Exceeded, Hop Count Exceeded)

D.      Drop the packet and reply with an ICMP Type 14, Code 0 (Timestamp Reply)


Correct Answer: C




In an 802.11 WLAN, which option is the Layer 2 identifier of a basic service set, and also is typically the MAC address of the radio of the access point?


A.      BSSID

B.      SSID

C.      VBSSID

D.      MBSSID


Correct Answer: A




What term describes an access point which is detected by your wireless network, but is not a trusted or managed access point?


A.      rogue

B.      unclassified

C.      interferer

D.      malicious


Correct Answer: A




A router has four interfaces addressed as,,, and What is the smallest summary route that can be advertised covering these four subnets?







Correct Answer: C


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