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Which statement best describes Infrastructure as a Service?


  1. software-only switch that resides on the server

  2. a cloud infrastructure that is available to the general public

  3. end-to-end data center orchestration for computing, network, and storage

  4. computing, network, and storage capabilities that are delivered over the network on a pay-as- you-go basis

  5. a complete software offering on the cloud, such as on-demand web conferencing and collaboration


Correct Answer: D




Which service orchestration solution has been validated as part of the Cisco Virtualized Multi- Tenant Data Center system?


  1. Cisco Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator

  2. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

  3. Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud

  4. VMware vCloud Director

  5. Cisco newScale


Correct Answer: B




What are three ways that a Cisco Partner can leverage a Cisco Data Center Virtualization or cloud ecosystem partner in his or her sales efforts? (Choose three.)


  1. Persuade ecosystem partner to write Cisco Partner proposals that are counter to ecosystem partner strategies.

  2. Obtain new contacts in existing or potential accounts from the ecosystem partner.

  3. Learn about ecosystem partner opportunities in which the Cisco Partner is not involved.

  4. Seek out the ecosystem partner only toward the end of the sales cycle.

  5. Request the participation of the ecosystem partner in a consulting capacity.

  6. Use the ecosystem partner to provide a whole offer package to customers.


Correct Answer: BCE




Which three Cisco go-to-market strategies help partner profitability? (Choose three.)


  1. Cisco innovation and acquisitions ensure that partners have a broad portfolio for customers.

  2. Cisco has one partner program to support all partner types.

  3. Cisco focuses on meeting customer needs while protecting partner profitability.

  4. Cisco focuses only on building internally for innovation and not on acquisitions.

  5. Cisco provides partner programs to support different partner business models.


Correct Answer: ACE




Which two opposing challenges are helping to drive the partner need to sell whole offers? (Choose two.)


  1. how to increase deal revenue while offering deeper discounts

  2. how to close deals when customers are under financial constraints and while enhancing overall profitability

  3. how to reduce services in deals while providing real-time customer network data

  4. how to limit Cisco financing while accelerating deals

  5. how to increase business relevance while enhancing all types of deals

Correct Answer: BE




Which statement best describes the “whole offer” concept?


  1. financing solutions that secure, grow, and accelerate deals

  2. next-generation services that give customers the most from their investment

  3. augmented offerings that a customer needs to build on the core solution and that have compelling value

  4. single point of access for partner tools and resources that is needed to effectively market the partner company

  5. a blueprint for designing and deploying a full-service, comprehensive network


Correct Answer: C




Controlling costs that are associated with network issues, keeping unexpected problems from affecting productivity, and achieving business goals are characteristics of which Cisco offering?


  1. Cisco SMARTnet Service

  2. Cisco Capital Financing

  3. Cisco Smart Business Roadmap

  4. Cisco Network Optimization Service


Correct Answer: A




What are the three partner benefits of service contracts? (Choose three.)


  1. produces higher margins than product sales alone

  2. generates recurring revenue

  3. strengthens customer loyalty

  4. renews automatically for the lifetime of the product

  5. helps customers speed architectural planning and design

  6. eliminates network problems


Correct Answer: ABC




How do Smart Business Architecture selling tools help partners increase sales?


  1. focus on the Prepare phase of the Cisco Lifecycle Services model, which maximizes revenue

  2. free partners from design tasks, which increases profitability

  3. highlight additional point products that the customer may want

  4. enable partners to increase professional services revenue by providing a complete, integrated solution for midsize firms and SMBs


Correct Answer: D




Which two options are ways that Cisco Capital helps partners? (Choose two.)


  1. counts as double toward quarterly sales goals

  2. accelerates and grows deals

  3. requires customers to lease or buy new equipment when leases expire

  4. increases capital budgets of customers

  5. increases margins and cash flow


Correct Answer: BE


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