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Which three characteristics are unique to the buying process for a small business compared with the buying process for an enterprise? (Choose three.)


  1. much faster

  2. focused primarily on cost

  3. not constrained by formal RFP

  4. technology focused

  5. less educated

  6. influenced by peers


Correct Answer: ACF




If a small business customer required mobility to be delivered via multiple access points, which wireless portfolio of solutions would be the best choice?


  1. Small Business

  2. Small MultiPro

  3. Aironet

  4. Small Business Pro


Correct Answer: D




If a small business customer has more sophisticated needs, which Cisco router portfolio would be the best choice?


  1. Integrated Services Routers

  2. Small Business Routers

  3. 7000 Series Routers

  4. Small Business Pro Routers


Correct Answer: A




Telepresence and video conferencing have been an increasingly important component of the overall video market. Which indicator is the best measure of the continued importance of these technologies going forward?


  1. The annual growth rate of the video conferencing market is at least 20 percent.

  2. Generation Y was raised on video, and it represents 17 percent of the world population.

  3. The Cisco long-term growth rate target is 12 percent to 17 percent.

  4. The U.S. Internet traffic annual growth rate is more than 40 percent.


Correct Answer: A




In which two ways do TANDBERG and Cisco TelePresence solutions interoperate? (Choose two.)


  1. spanned

  2. bridged

  3. converted

  4. gated

  5. integrated


Correct Answer: BE




Which three options are integration features of Cisco TelePresence? (Choose three.)


  1. Cisco TelePresence leverages the same hardware and management platform as Cisco Cast.

  2. Cisco TelePresence infrastructure uses an architecture that is not based on Cisco Unified Communications.

  3. Cloud-based Cisco TelePresence services can be offered by service providers and strategic partners.

  4. Cisco TelePresence video streams into Cisco WebEx, so remote users can view Cisco TelePresence participants.

  5. Cisco TelePresence uses surveillance media server to provide interoperability with high- definition video systems.

  6. Cisco Cius has seamless integration with Cisco TelePresence System EX Series and offers high-definition video.


Correct Answer: CDF




In which two ways does medianet help organizations to fully realize the benefits and the quality of video applications? (Choose two.)


  1. allows operators to control video that is displayed on local and remote monitors

  2. simplifies the deployment of video endpoints

  3. extends partner and customer ability to collaborate at public locations worldwide

  4. transfers control and monitoring to any point in the network in an emergency situation

  5. helps assess the application impact in the network before the application is deployed


Correct Answer: BE




What are three recommended ways to successfully position Cisco business video architecture solutions with customers? (Choose three.)


  1. Establish the relevance of video apart from unified communications.

  2. Identify primary, distinct video stakeholders in customer accounts.

  3. Sell video as point product solutions to potential customers.

  4. Establish video as an alternative means of work and as the workspace of the future.

  5. Articulate to customers the technology superiority of Cisco business video solutions.

  6. Position the unique customer value proposition or ROI of business video.


Correct Answer: BDF




Which Cisco TelePresence offering provides a telepresence experience for a wide range of existing conference rooms and environments?


  1. Solution

  2. Immersive

  3. Multipurpose

  4. Exchange

  5. Multipoint


Correct Answer: C




Which Cisco TelePresence platform can dramatically reduce customer time to market and improve partner operating margins?

  1. Solution

  2. Immersive

  3. Multipurpose

  4. Exchange

  5. Multipoint


Correct Answer: D



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