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Which three options signal a customer need for a new core network infrastructure (including routing)? (Choose three.)


  1. decreased bandwidth needs

  2. increase in staff levels

  3. establishing a branch office

  4. operating a single-site office

  5. accommodating new services

  6. adequate bandwidth


Correct Answer: BCE




A customer wants to be able to detect and mitigate Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi sources of interference in their wireless enterprise network. Which Cisco access point should you recommend to the customer?


  1. Cisco Aironet 3500 Series Access Point

  2. Cisco Aironet 1260 Series Access Point, controller-based

  3. Cisco Wireless Control System

  4. Cisco Aironet 1040 Series Access Point, standalone

  5. Cisco VideoStream


Correct Answer: A




Suppose that a Cisco Partner wants to achieve Cisco Gold Certified status with a Borderless Network Architecture Specialization. Which two things must be done? (Choose two.)


  1. Company must have a ID.

  2. Company must send an email to the Cisco Partner team for automatic approval.

  3. Company must complete a Specialization application, located on the Partner Central web page.

  4. Nothing is required, because the company is a registered Cisco Partner.


Correct Answer: AC




Which two factors are driving the demand for borderless networks? (Choose two.)


  1. Borders are foreseen to be defined by the location of users when they access resources.

  2. The number of non-PC devices is forecasted to grow between 101 percent and 258 percent by 2015.

  3. Companies are increasingly seeing their applications as operating only behind company firewalls.

  4. Increase in mobile workers is requiring companies to overcome the location border so that information can be accessed from anywhere.

  5. Enterprises are increasingly hesitant to become borderless due to varying user experiences, security, and reliability issues.


Correct Answer: BD




What is the goal of the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture?


  1. to provide users with a single device that permits access to information anywhere

  2. to provide users with the same productivity and access to information no matter where they are or which device they use

  3. to eliminate the need for border security and firewalls

  4. to provide companies with a way to extend their security and control over employees on the Internet


Correct Answer: B




Which three options are primary benefits of Cisco CleanAir technology? (Choose three.)


  1. detects, locates, and mitigates Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference sources

  2. uses multicast to improve rich-media applications

  3. visualizes performance-impacting interference and automatically adjusts network settings to avoid interference

  4. self-heals and optimizes wireless network

  5. delivers real-time spectrum intelligence

  6. delivers a comprehensive approach to business mobility


Correct Answer: ACD




Which Cisco product family can simultaneously implement firewall, VPN, content security, network access control, and services virtualization?


  1. Cisco Catalyst Switches

  2. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances

  3. Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems

  4. Cisco ProtectLink Gateways


Correct Answer: B




Which service does the Cisco IronPort portfolio perform?


  1. reduces the downtime that is associated with spam, viruses, and blended threats delivered via email

  2. defends the perimeter from malicious users and unauthorized traffic

  3. provides a secure communication path through the Internet

  4. determines if a user or device is authorized to access a switch port


Correct Answer: A




What are two goals of the Cisco collaboration architecture? (Choose two.)


  1. provide a consistent, integrated experience to users regardless of device or client

  2. provide Cisco Unified Communications for end users

  3. eliminate the need for security and firewalls

  4. provide IT with a storage-intensive platform and extended memory support

  5. deliver the fastest and highest-quality voice, video, and data experiences


Correct Answer: AE




Cisco collaboration applications and services can be hosted various ways. Which three options are valid hosting models? (Choose three.)


  1. SaaS

  2. virtual

  3. device-specific

  4. hybrid

  5. integrated

  6. on-premise


Correct Answer: ADF



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