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Which two Fibre Channel features are not supported in Cisco Nexus 5500 and Nexus 5000 platforms? (Choose two.)


A.      port security

B.      fabric binding

C.      IVR

D.      port tracking

E.       FICON


Correct Answer: CE




Refer to the exhibit. Given this FCoE topology, host VFC interface and FC storage are in the same VSAN (VSAN 10). The VSAN is in the allow list for both ISLs. Both ISLs are up at 4 GB. Which command can be issued on the N5K command line to confirm that SCSI traffic from the host to the storage will flow across both links, as opposed to using only one link?




A.      show fspf traffic vsan 10

B.      show vsan 10

C.      show trunk protocol

D.      show fcroute unicast vsan 10


Correct Answer: B




What is the correct order for FIP virtual establishment?


A.      VLAN discovery, FCF discovery, FLOGI and FDISC, FC command.

B.      FCF discovery, VLAN discovery, FLOGI and FDISC, FC command.

C.      VLAN discovery, FCF discovery, FLOGI and FDISC.

D.      FCF discovery, solicitation and advertisement, FLOGI and FDISC, FC command.


Correct Answer: A



Which statement about the Adapter FEX feature on the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches is true?


A.      Adapter FEX is a software feature that can be configured on any CNA as long as the Nexus 5000 is running a version of code that supports Adapter FEX.

B.      Adapter FEX can be thought of as a way to divide a single physical link into multiple virtual links or channels.

C.      Packets on each channel are tagged with an 801.Q header that has a specific source VIF.

D.      When using a dual-homed NIC on the server, active/standby is not supported. Only active/active is supported.


Correct Answer: B




Which statement describes the below output from an MDS switch?


Flow ID. 44

Initiator VSAN: 200

Initiator WWN: 50:06:04:8a:cc:19:12:db

Target VSAN: 200

Target WWN: 50:06:04:8c:de:ad:be:ef

Target LUN: ALL LUNs

Flow Verification Status:


Initiator Verification Status: success

Target Verification Status: WWN was not found in name server

Initiator Linecard Status: success

Target Linecard Status: Status not yet checked

Feature Status:


Write-Acceleration enabled

Write-Acceleration Buffers: 1024

Configuration Status: flow verification failed


A.      The zone containing both the initiator and target does not exist

B.      The zone set has not been activated

C.      The target is not logged into the fabric

D.      The pWWN used for the target is invalid


Correct Answer: C




Which mechanism do the CNA and the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches use to provide a lossless class of Ethernet traffic?


A.      LLDP

B.      LACP

C.      PFC

D.      FIP


Correct Answer: C




Which statement is correct about the number of available QoS system classes in FCoE?


A.      It’s hard-set and cannot be disabled.

B.      It’s configurable, with an upper limit of 16.

C.      It’s hard-set but cannot disable best-effort and Fibre Channel.

D.      It’s hard-set but can disable all but one class.

E.       It’s configurable with an upper limit of eight.


Correct Answer: C




When building a NIC team (virtual port channel) between a host and a pair of Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches that will carry FCoE traffic, what is the maximum number of physical links that can exist in the team?


A.      1

B.      2

C.      4

D.      5

E.       16


Correct Answer: B




Which statement is true about The QoS Class Fibre Channel?


A.      Cannot be disabled

B.      Cannot have the CoS changed

C.      Can have “Packet Drop” enabled

D.      Is multicast optimized

E.       Can have the MTU changed


Correct Answer: A




Lossless Ethernet for FCoE is achieved through the use of which features? (Choose two.)


A.      Priority flow control

B.      Buffer-to-buffer credits

C.      TCP retransmission

D.      Ethernet checksum

E.       QoS policies


Correct Answer: AE


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