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Which is a factor in enterprise campus design decisions?


A.      network application characteristics

B.      routing protocol characteristics

C.      switching latency characteristics

D.      packet filtering characteristics


Correct Answer: A




Which three statements are true regarding the virtual interface on a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller? (Choose three.)


A.      supports mobility management

B.      serves as a DHCP relay

C.      used for all controller to AP communication

D.      supports embedded Layer 3 security

E.       default for out-of-band management

F.       default for in-band management

G.      provides connectivity to AAA servers


Correct Answer: ABD




When there is a need for immunity to EMI for connecting locations that are greater than 100 meters apart, which two solutions can be utilized? (Choose two.)


A.      multimode fiber

B.      Fibre Channel

C.      HVDC transmission lines

D.      single-mode fiber

E.       serial RS-232

F.       Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-CX


Correct Answer: AD




Which three are security services offered through Cisco Router Security? (Choose three.)


A.      Trust and Identity

B.      Integrated Threat Control

C.      Unified Wireless Network Security Solution

D.      Secure Connectivity

E.       Voice-Messaging Security

F.       Endpoint Security

G.      Virtual Security Gateway


Correct Answer: ABD




Which layer of the OSI model does Cisco recommend to place the enterprise network core layer, when designing a network based on its switched hierarchical design?


A.      Layer 1

B.      Layer 2

C.      Layer 3

D.      Layer 4


Correct Answer: C




Which is the purpose of the Cisco NAC Profiler?


A.      automates discovery and inventory of all LAN attached devices

B.      generates a profile based on username and group

C.      learns and creates a database of virus definitions based on LAN traffic

D.      a database used to map user VPN accounts


Correct Answer: A




In the enterprise data center, which are the three main components? (Choose three.)


A.      Network Infrastructure

B.      Interactive services

C.      Data Center Management

D.      Internet services

E.       WAN services

F.       VPN and remote access


Correct Answer: ABC




You have a campus network that consists of only Cisco devices. You have been tasked to discover the device platforms, the IOS versions, and an IP address of each device to map the network. Which proprietary protocol will assist you with this task?


A.      SNMP

B.      TCP

C.      CDP

D.      ICMP

E.       LLDP


Correct Answer: C




Which two are types of network virtualization? (Choose two.)


A.      VSS: Virtual Switching System

B.      VRF: Virtual routing and forwarding

C.      VCI: Virtual channel identifier

D.      VLSM: Variable length subnet masking

E.       VM: Virtual machine

F.       VMP: Virtual Memory Pool


Correct Answer: AB




Which three modular components are part of the Cisco Enterprise Edge Architecture? (Choose three.)

A.      e-commerce module

B.      Internet connectivity module

C.      server farm module

D.      remote access and VPN module

E.       PSTN services module

F.       enterprise branch module

G.      building distribution module


Correct Answer: ABD


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