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Question No.351


Which are the 3 types of page layouts?

Answer: Detail, mini, console

Question No.352


What is the Process Visualizer used for?


It is used to view the graphical representation of an Approval Process. It can be launched by clicking the 鈥榁iew Diagram鈥?button on the Approval Process detail page. A section called Legend gives a summary of the icons used in the approval process.

Question No.353


User A belongs to profile `Custom ?Recruiter#39;. At the profile level (Path as per Enhanced Profile User Interface, Setup -gt; Manage Users -gt; Profiles -gt; Custom ?Recruiter gt;; Objects and Tabs -gt; Accounts) he does not have Read access on Account object. But yet he is able to see, edit, delete account records. What could be the reason?


The profile 鈥楥ustom 鈥?Recruiter鈥?has 鈥楳odify All Data鈥?enabled at this path, Setup -gt; Manage Users -gt; Profiles -gt; Custom 鈥?Recruiter – gt; System Permissions. (Path is as per Enhanced Profile User Interface.) This gives all users belonging to this profile the ability to read, edit, create,

delete any type of data across all apps. Checking 鈥楳odify All Data鈥?automatically checks 鈥榁iew All Data鈥?

Question No.354


Which object allows creation of a hierarchical relationship with itself? (Data type: Hierarchy)


User object (From Setup -gt; Customize -gt; Users -gt; Fields -gt; New)

Question No.355


What levels of access can be granted using sharing rules?


  1. Read-Only

  2. Read/Write Granting 鈥楩ull Access鈥?is not possible using sharing rules.

Question No.356


While creating an approval process and assigning the next approver using the hierarchy relationship field on user [Option#39;s exact name is quot;Automatically assign an approver using a standard or custom hierarchy fieldquot;], which is the standard user field available?

Answer: Manager

Question No.357

A single Sales Process can be assigned to multiple opportunity record types.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

Question No.358


Which are the dashboard types?


Charts (Horizontal bar chart, Vertical bar chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Donut chart, Funnel chart), Gauges, Tables, Metrics, Visualforce pages.

Question No.359

Among two records related by master ?detail relationship, the detail record can have an owner which is different from the owner of the master record.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Question No.360

Files can be uploaded on Chatter from:

  1. Files tab

  2. Documents tab

  3. Local file system of your computer

  4. Attachments from the `Notes and Attachments#39; related list

Answer: AC

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