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Question No.261


What are the various ways of disabling Chatter?


To remove Chatter tab from the top horizontal bar, remove it from the #39;Selected Tabs#39; from #39;Customize My Tabs#39; from the #39; #39; sign. To remove Chatter link altogether for all profiles, go to Setup -gt; Customize -gt; Chatter -gt; Settings and uncheck #39;Enable#39;. Now Chatter link will not be available even if the #39; #39; sign is clicked. To remove Chatter link altogether only for a specific profile, go to Setup -gt; Manage Users -gt; Profiles -gt; -gt; Objects and Tabs -gt; Chatter -gt; Edit and select#39;

Question No.262


What is used for tracking changes to configuration of Salesforce CRM?

Answer: Setup Audit Trail

Question No.263


Which are the two report folders to which all users have access?


#39;Unfiled Public Reports#39; and #39;My Personal Custom Reports#39;.

Question No.264

The workflow actions within a workflow rule execute in the order in which they are created.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Question No.265


Conflict Resolution tool is available in?

Answer: Connect Offline

Question No.266


For which objects, cloning is not possible?

Answer: Account, Solution, User

Question No.267


Which of these standard objects cannot be shared? Account, Opportunity, Lead, Case, Product, Campaign, Contract, Contact

Answer: Product, Contract

Question No.268

When upserting record using Apex Data Loader and using the external id for matching the record, if the value for the external id field is not provided in the csv file or while mapping fields from the csv file to the Salesforce object fields, then

  1. The upsert fails

  2. New record gets created in Salesforce.

Answer: A

Question No.269


Queues exist for which objects?

Answer: Queues exist for, Leads, Cases and custom objects.

Question No.270

If a role is added to Account Team, then it will get added to which of the following teams?

  1. Case Team

  2. Sales Team

Answer: B

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