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Question No.161

What are three physical interface properties? (Choose three.)

  1. payload scrambling

  2. virtual circuit identifier

  3. FCS

  4. link speed

  5. IP address

Correct Answer: ACD

Question No.162

How do you write the current candidate configuration to the permanent storage media?

  1. [edit]

    user@router# save /var/tmp/current.conf

  2. [edit]

    user@router# write /var/tmp/current.conf

  3. [edit]

    user@router# commit /var/tmp/current.conf

  4. [edit]

user@router# dump /var/tmp/current.conf

Correct Answer: A

Question No.163

Which two statements are true about firewall filter configurations? (Choose two.)

  1. Multiple action modifiers can be included in the same term.

  2. Only a single action modifier can be included in the same term.

  3. The default term within a firewall filter uses the discard action.

  4. The default term within a firewall filter uses the reject action.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.164

Which J-Web tab do you use to add licenses to the device?

  1. quot;Configurequot;

  2. quot;Troubleshootquot;

  3. quot;Monitorquot;

  4. quot;Maintainquot;

Correct Answer: D

Question No.165

Which two statements are true when using the configure exclusive CLI command? (Choose two.)

  1. Multiple users can enter configuration mode and have their own private configuration.

  2. When a user commits, only the user#39;s changes are committed.

  3. A message indicates which other users are in configuration mode and what portion of the configuration they are editing.

  4. Only a single user can edit the configuration.

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.166

Which statement is correct about policies in the Junos OS?

  1. Export policies are used to filter routes from the RE forwarding table to the PFE forwarding table.

  2. Export policies are used to filter routes destined for the routing table.

  3. Export policies are used to filter routes being sent to neighboring devices.

  4. Export policies are used to filter traffic leaving the device.

    Correct Answer: C

    Question No.167

    Which command do you use to go from the shell prompt to the CLI prompt?

    1. run cli

    2. cli

    3. start cli

    4. edit

Correct Answer: B

Question No.168


[edit policy-options policy-statement my-policy] user@router# show

term 1 { from {

route-filter orlonger;


then accept;



Referring to the exhibit, which three networks match the policy? (Choose three.)






Correct Answer: ACE

Question No.169

Which two statements are true regarding routing policy processing? (Choose two.)

  1. The Junos OS verifies the match criteria of each policy in order and performs the associated action when a match occurs.

  2. Policies are evaluated from right to left as displayed in the Junos OS configuration file.

  3. Polices are evaluated based on the order in which they are applied to a routing protocol.

  4. Policy processing stops once the last statement in the policy is evaluated.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.170

What is the default action for firewall filters?

  1. accept

  2. reject

  3. discard

  4. log

Correct Answer: C

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