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Question No.11

Which statement is true about planning in the IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Managertransaction process?

  1. A Scenario must be created within a Transaction Plan.

  2. A Transaction Plan is required to create a Real Estate Project.

  3. An Implementation Plan must be created to support a Transaction Plan.

  4. A Portfolio Plan must be created at the beginning of any planning process.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.12

TRIRIGA Projects offers enterprise project management, program management, fund source management and vendor bid management capabilities to deliver which business benefits?

  1. Align business objectives with workplace operations, analyze actual performance to objectives, and act quickly to improve productivity and quality

  2. Measure individual contribution and productivity levels, service quality, and drive process changes throughout the organization

  3. Generate executive reports for personnel management and headcount validation

  4. To comply with Six Sigma processes and HR requirements

Correct Answer: C

Question No.13

What are the significant returns that IBM Smarter Building solution can bring to organizations?

  1. 40% less energy. 85% higher occupancy, and 18% rise in productivity

  2. 55% fewer workspaces required, 2% less water consumed

  3. Eliminate 31.8% air particulates. 100% pure water through osmosis filtering

  4. Reduce energy consumption and improve workforce health 100%

  5. Increase innovation and developer productivity by 25%

Correct Answer: A

Question No.14

What is the best way to position #39;Challengersquot;, like FM Systems. Oracle and SAP?

  1. Challengers require multiple applications and database integrations to build single IWMS solution

  2. Challengers have untested products and service quality

  3. Challengers have weaknesses or gaps in their product or service offerings

  4. Challengers are typically limited to one geographic region

Correct Answer: C

Question No.15

How to position IBM TRIRIGA#39;s Strength:

  1. IBM#39;s Business Analytics solution provides workplace solutions

  2. IBM#39;s Smarter Building initiative helps customers support new lease accounting standards, strategic facility planning, and increase energy efficiency

  3. IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk helps customers manage configuration changes

  4. IBM Smart Storage offers unlimited disk-space for IWMS applications

Correct Answer: B

Question No.16

Which record is created upon successful import of an offline or OSCRE file?

  1. Lease Abstract

  2. General Contract

  3. Real Estate Lease

  4. Real Estate Contract

Correct Answer: A

Question No.17

Identify how IBM TRIRIGA improves Real Estate (T) Top-Line and (B) Bottom-Line Performance.

  1. (T) Able to increase prices and (B)Requires as much as 30% less staff to manage business

  2. (T) Reduced site selection-to-contract and store opening cycles and (B) Tighter expense controls and reduced project and maintenance costs

  3. (T) Helps increase market share and (B) reduces per-unit cost of goods sold

  4. (T) Increase revenues from property sales and (8) awards contract to lowest-cost bidder

Correct Answer: D

Question No.18

According to an IBM survey of 130 executives, ninety two percent (92%) of organizations have an energy and environmental strategy. Why target buildings to achieve their goals?

  1. Building wiring wastes nearly 22% of the electricity flowing through them

  2. The Heating and Air Conditioning systems produce 88% of all CO2

  3. Buildings represent 75% of all energy consumption, and by 2025 will be the largest consumer of

    energy worldwide

  4. Nobody really targets buildings, but the occupants of the buildings need to be trained on energy saving techniques, like wearing an extra sweater when it is cold

  5. Government rebates encourage companies to retrofit older buildings with new energy efficient equipment

Correct Answer: C



Question No.19

Which record provides a desired structure to the business process and strategic goals of the RETransaction Plan?

  1. Master Plan

  2. Project Plan

  3. Service Plan

  4. Portfolio Plan

Correct Answer: D

Question No.20

To determine concurrent software license requirements, what is the ratio IBM suggests for (A) core solutions. (B) self-service and (C) Offline Forms?

A. 1:1. (B) 10:1 and (C) 3:1

B. 3:1. (B) 50:1 and (C) 1:1

C. 4:1. (B) 50:1 and (C) 10:1

D. Estimate 3:1 for all licenses

Correct Answer: D

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