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Question No.61

Refer to the exhibit. An admin is configuring VLANs on a Cisco UCS B-Series vNIC. Which two

statements about the traffic coming from the operating system with this configuration are true? (Choose two.)


  1. The VLAN must be configured with ID 832 within the operating system.

  2. No VLAN tag should be added in the operating system.

  3. If traffic comes in untagged on this vNIC, it is placed in VLAN 832.

  4. This configuration is not supported when hypervisors are used.

  5. The uplink ports of the fabric interconnect have the native VLAN set to ID 832.

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.62

How does a dynamic vNIC get allocated?

  1. Dynamic vNICs are assigned to VMs in VMware vCenter.

  2. Dynamic vNICs can only be bound to the service profile through an updating template.

  3. Dynamic vNICs are bound directly to a service profile.

  4. Dynamic vNICs are assigned by binding a port profile to the service profile.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.63



Correct Answer:


Question No.64



Correct Answer:


Question No.65

Which two are true with respect to the switching modes on the Cisco Unified Computing System 62XX Fabric Interconnect? (Choose two.)

  1. End-host mode presents a link to a northbound uplink switch as a host trunk with loop detection that is provided by STP.

  2. For northbound traffic, server MAC addresses are statically pinned to an uplink; the return path is controlled by the unified fabric switches.

  3. A fabric interconnect port in Ethernet switching mode appears to the uplink switch as a host with many MAC addresses.

  4. Server-to-server traffic on a common VLAN are locally switched by the fabric interconnect and not the northbound switches.

  5. A MAC forwarding table is not used to forward traffic to the uplink switch.

  6. A MAC address forwarding table is maintained for server-to-server communications across VLANs.

Correct Answer: DE

Question No.66

Which NIC redundancy modes allow the LOMs to be discovered by the operating system or hypervisor?

  1. Dedicated mode

  2. Active/Active

  3. Active/Standby

  4. Cisco Card Mode

Correct Answer: A

Question No.67

In which situation would you be required to change a Cisco UCS system from end-host mode to switching mode?

  1. Design requirements call for the use of fabric failover.

  2. Fabric interconnect is connecting to disjoint Layer 2 networks upstream.

  3. HSRP routers are directly connected to the fabric interconnect.

  4. Upstream Cisco Nexus 5000 is configured for vPC.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.68

Which VMware ESXi 5.0 CLI command will validate PassThru interfaces when they are available?

  1. vem status -v

  2. vempassthru-v

  3. vemintf -v

  4. vemifconfig -v

  5. vempts -v

Correct Answer: A

Question No.69

Where would you disable or enable Cisco Discovery Protocol?

  1. LAN connectivity policy

  2. service profile

  3. network control policy

  4. LAN uplinks manager

Correct Answer: C

Question No.70

Which option describes what Cisco Integrated Management Controller Network Security provides?

  1. protection against DDoS on the Cisco IMC

  2. a whilelist that specifies the servers allowed to access the Cisco IMC

  3. 802.1x support, allowing the Cisco IMC to log in to a port security network

  4. user-configured ACLs to block known bad servers from accessing the Cisco IMC

Correct Answer: A

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