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Question No.51

Which are DSCP values set for video traffic?

  1. DSCP is configured in the device configuration section of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and in the Expressways

  2. The endpoint overrides the DSCP values configured anywhere else

  3. DSCP is configured under service parameters in Cisco Unified Communications Manager and in the Expressways.

  4. DSCP can be configured only in the network with QoS policies

  5. DSCP can be set only on the video endpoint itself to ensure that the correct value is sent.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.52

Which DSCP service parameter can be configured for Cisco TS endpoints and Cisco Communication Manager Endpoints?

  1. DSCP for audio portion of Cisco Tele Presence calls

  2. DSCP for audio calls

  3. DSCP for video calls

  4. DSCP for audio portion of video calls

Correct Answer: D

Question No.53

Company X has three locations connected via a low bandwidth WAN. Which two configurations are required in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager region to provide the most suitable use of bandwidth while preserving the call quality? (Choose two)

  1. g722/g711 for interregion calling

  2. g722/g7l1 codec for all calling

  3. g729 codec for all calling

  4. g729 codec for intraregion calling

  5. g722/g711 codec for interregion calling

  6. g729 codec for interregion calling

Correct Answer: AF

Question No.54

In Cisco Unified Communications manager, where can you configure the default codec between two different regions for all endpoints?

  1. Device Pool configuration

  2. Service Parameters

  3. Enterprise Parameters

  4. Endpoint Configuration

Correct Answer: B

Question No.55

An engineer must ensure that a device register to Cisco VCSC. Which protocol accomplish this task?

A. H.260

B. H.264

  1. MGCP

  2. SIP

Correct Answer: D

Question No.56

The administrator at company X is trying to set up Extension Mobility and has done thesesteps:


Set up end users accounts for the users who need to roam.


Set up a device profile for the type of phonesusers will be allowed to log in

Users have reported to the administrators that they are unable to log in to the phones designated for Extension Mobility. Which two options are the two Reasons for this issue? (Choose two)

  1. The user must ensure that their main endpoint is online and registered, otherwise they cannot log in elsewhere

  2. Extension Mobility has not been enabled under Enterprise Parameters.

  3. The username must be numeric only and must match the DN.

  4. The user device profile is not associated to the correct end user.

  5. The Extension Mobility service has not been enabled under the Cisco Unified Serviceability Page.

Correct Answer: DE

Question No.57

Which three items must you configure to enable SAF Call Control Discovery? (Choose three.)

  1. a calling search space

  2. hosted DN patterns

  3. translation patterns

  4. route patterns

  5. the SIP or H.323 trunk

  6. hosted DN groups

Correct Answer: BEF

Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/8_0_2/ccmfeat/fsgd- 802cm/fscallcontroldiscovery.pdf

Question No.58

Select two command. One of which can be used to verify Cisco Ip phone Sip registration and one of which can be used to verify Cisco Ip phone sccp registration on Cisco unified Communications Manager express? (Choose two)

  1. show ccm-manager hosts

  2. show ephone registered

  3. show voice register session-server

  4. show sip-ua status registrar

  5. show telephony-service ephone-dn

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.59

Refer to the exhibit. Assume a centralized Cisco Unified Communications deployment with the headquarters in the U.K, and remote site in RTP. All route patterns are assigned a route list that points to the local route group. Local route groups have been configured on the U.K and RTP device pools. A U.K.user logs onto an RTP phone using the Cisco Extension Mobility feature and places an emergency call to 0000. Which statement about the emergency call is true?


  1. The call will match the U.K_Emergency route pattern partition and will egress at the RTP gateway.

  2. The call will match the U.K_Emergency route pattern partition and will egress at the U.K.gateway.

  3. The call will match the RTP_Emergency route pattern partition and will egress at the U.K.gateway.

  4. The call will match the RTP_Emergency route pattern partition and will egress at the RTP gateway.

  5. The call will fail.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.60

Which two statements about Cisco Unified Mobility are true? (Choose two.)

  1. Mobile use of Cisco Jabber requires mobility

  2. Single number reach is a feature of mobility

  3. Mobility is enabled by default

  4. Mobility is used to support mobile phones in Cisco Unified Communications

  5. Mobility just be enabled per user

    Correct Answer: BE

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