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Question No.91

A customer has asked for its wireless equipment to be managed as securely as possible. Which three management protocols will provide encrypted access to the equipment? (Choose three.)

  1. Secure Shell

  2. HTTPS

  3. SNMPv3

  4. Telnet

  5. SNMPv2c

  6. HTTP

Correct Answer: ABC

Question No.92

An engineer needs an AP with at least two spatial streams, four receivers, and three transmitters. Which device meets these requirements?

A. 2×4:3

B. 2×3:4 C. 4×3:2 D. 3×4:2

Correct Answer: D

Question No.93

Which statement describes spread spectrum technology in wireless communications?

  1. Signal is spread across optical pulses.

  2. Signal is spread across variations of amplitudes.

  3. Signal is spread across one frequency.

  4. Signal is spread across a whole band of frequencies.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.94

Which option is used to form the BSSID in a BSS?

  1. AP radio MAC address

  2. AP wired MAC address

  3. AP serial number

  4. client radio MAC address

  5. client wired MAC address

  6. client serial number

Correct Answer: A

Question No.95

When using a Split MAC architecture, how many CAPWAP data tunnels will be built to an AP with four SSIDs across two VLANs?









Correct Answer: A

Question No.96

What technology consists of small, low-power digital radios?

  1. LTE

  2. WiFi

  3. ZigBee

  4. Bluetooth

Correct Answer: C

Question No.97

Refer to the exhibit. Which three switch port types are valid for these connections? (Choose three.)


  1. access

  2. port-channel

  3. port-channel trunk

  4. trunk

  5. port-channel access

  6. routed port

Correct Answer: ACD

Question No.98

You have an organization that has a growing number of standalone APs. You would like to migrate to lightweight APs and manage them through Cisco WCS. Which software platform allows you to make this migration?

  1. The enterprise version of Cisco WCS allows this migration and provides the most flexibility in the number of APs supported.

  2. CiscoWorks WLSE is the only management platform that allows this migration, but it is limited to 500 APs.

  3. You can migrate your network to Cisco WCS single server with the CiscoWorks WLSE upgrade software upgrade.

  4. You can migrate the network by using either the single server or enterprise software platforms, both using the CiscoWorks WLSE upgrade software upgrade.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.99

What does RF determine?

  1. cycle pattern size

  2. how often a wave occurs

  3. signal size

  4. quantity of energy injected in a signal

Correct Answer: B

Question No.100

Refer to the exhibit. The site in this AirMagnet Survey heat map is ready for which level of service?


  1. data

  2. voice

  3. location

  4. RFID

Correct Answer: A

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