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Question No.61

A network engineer at a retail store needs a wireless deployment that can be easily maintained and verified for PCI compliance. What solution will meet this need with the least work?

  1. Cloud

  2. Autonomous

  3. FlexConnect

  4. Centralized

Correct Answer: A

Question No.62

An engineer needs to find out the maximum EIRP allowed for their office in Asia. What regulatory body should be contacted?

  1. CRTC

  2. ETSI

  3. IEEE

  4. NTT

Correct Answer: D

Question No.63

Which calculation computes the EIRP of an antenna?

  1. EIRP = Tx power (dBm) Antenna Gain (dBi) – Cable Loss (dB)

  2. EIRP= Cable Loss (dB) Antenna Gain (dBi) – Tx power (dBm)

  3. EIRP = Cable Loss (dB) Antenna Gain (dBi) / Tx power (dBm)

  4. EIRP = Tx power (dBm) Antenna Gain (dBi) / Cable Loss (dB)

  5. EIRP = Antenna Gain (dBi) – Cable Loss (dB) * Tx power (dBm)

  6. EIRP = Tx power (dBm) * Antenna Gain (dBi) / Cable Loss (dB)

Correct Answer: A

Question No.64

A network engineer notices that two mesh APs are having problems communicating. After reviewing the current radio configurations, it is noted that one AP is transmitting at 3 mW while the other is transmitting at 60 mW. How many decibels would the 3-mW AP need its power increased to match the 60-mW AP?











Correct Answer: C

Question No.65

A help desk ticket states that a wireless access point has not joined its controller and is flashing rapidly. How can the help desk administer the access point with the default settings?

  1. console

  2. SSH

  3. Telnet

  4. HTTP

  5. HTTPS

Correct Answer: A

Question No.66

Which statement best describes the ability of a wireless client to access and transmit a data frame to an AP?

  1. The client listens to the media until polled by the AP using PCF to send its data.

  2. The client listens to the media until a data frame is finished, at which time it transmits, unless a collision of data frames has occurred.

  3. The client uses random countdown timers to start the transmission of a data frame.

  4. The client listens to the media and countdown timers to start the transmission of a data frame.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.67

What are three characteristics of the 802.11g standard? (Choose three.)

  1. speed of as much as 11 Mb/s

  2. speed of as much as 54 Mb/s

  3. backward-compatibility with 802.11a

  4. backward-compatibility with 802.11b

  5. OFDM as an additional modulation technique

  6. OFDM and CCK as additional modulation techniques

Correct Answer: BDE

Question No.68

During a wireless site survey, the signal strength drops significantly when outside of the room containing the access point. The building is made of wood and drywall. This is an example of which wireless anomaly?

  1. absorption

  2. refraction

  3. fading

  4. multipath

  5. reflection

Correct Answer: A

Question No.69

Refer to the exhibit. A customer is using central web authentication with a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller and Cisco Identity Services Engine. An error occurs when wireless clients are redirected to the hosted splash page. What is causing the client error?


  1. Secure Web Mode is disabled on the WLC.

  2. OCSP is disabled on the WLC.

  3. Management Via Dynamic Interface is disabled on the WLC.

  4. Ethernet Multicast Forwarding is enabled on the WLC.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.70

Which three options are limitations when configuring basic security on an autonomous AP when using the express security page setup? (Choose three.)

  1. You need multiple SSIDs.

  2. Delete all the SSIDs.

  3. Edit the SSIDs.

  4. Use multiple authentication servers.

  5. Use the same SSID on both radios.

  6. Use a single SSID on a single radio.

Correct Answer: CDE

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