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Question No.331

Refer to the exhibit. What is the effect of the given configuration?


  1. It configures an inactive switch virtual interface.

  2. It configures an active management interface.

  3. It configures the native VLAN.

  4. It configures the default VLAN.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.332

Which protocol is the Cisco proprietary implementation of FHRP?

  1. HSRP

  2. VRRP

  3. GLBP

  4. CARP

Correct Answer: A

Question No.333

The enable secret command is used to secure access to which CLI mode?

  1. global configuration mode

  2. privileged EXEC mode

  3. user EXEC mode

  4. auxiliary setup mode

Correct Answer: B

Question No.334

Which two security appliances will you use in a network? (Choose two.)

  1. ATM

  2. IDS

  3. IOS

  4. IOX

  5. IPS

  6. SDM

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.335

If the primary root bridge experiences a power loss, which switch takes over?

  1. switch 0004.9A1A.C182

  2. switch 00E0.F90B.6BE3

  3. switch 00E0.F726.3DC6

  4. switch 0040.0BC0.90C5

Correct Answer: A

Question No.336

What are two benefits of private IPv4 IP addresses? (Choose two.)

  1. They are routed the same as public IP addresses.

  2. They are less costly than public IP addresses.

  3. They can be assigned to devices without Internet connections.

  4. They eliminate the necessity for NAT policies.

  5. They eliminate duplicate IP conflicts.

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.337

What is the authoritative source for an address lookup?

  1. a recursive DNS search

  2. the operating system cache

  3. the ISP local cache

  4. the browser cache

Correct Answer: A

Question No.338

What is the purpose of the POST operation on a router?

  1. determine whether additional hardware has been added

  2. locate an IOS image for booting

  3. enable a TFTP server

  4. set the configuration register

Correct Answer: A

Question No.339

After you configure the Loopback0 interface, which command can you enter to verify the status of the interface and determine whether fast switching is enabled?

  1. Router#show ip interface loopback 0

  2. Router#show run

  3. Router#show interface loopback 0

  4. Router#show ip interface brief

Correct Answer: A

Question No.340

Which statement about RADIUS security is true?

  1. It supports EAP authentication for connecting to wireless networks.

  2. It provides encrypted multiprotocol support.

  3. Device-administration packets are encrypted in their entirety.

  4. It ensures that user activity is fully anonymous.

Correct Answer: A


RADIUS Background RADIUS is an access server that uses AAA protocol. It is a system of distributed security that secures remote access to networks and network services against unauthorized access. RADIUS comprises three components:



A protocol with a frame format that utilizes User Datagram Protocol (UDP)/IP. A server.


A client.

The server runs on a central computer typically at the customer#39;s site, while the clients reside in the dial-up access servers and can be distributed throughout the network. Cisco has incorporated the RADIUS Client into Cisco IOS Software Release 11.1 and later and other device software.

Client/Server Model A network access server (NAS) operates as a client of RADIUS. The client is responsible for passing user information to designated RADIUS servers, and then acting on the response that is returned. RADIUS servers are responsible for receiving user connection requests, authenticating the user, and returning all configuration information necessary for the client to deliver service to the user. The RADIUS servers can act as proxy clients to other kinds of authentication servers. Network Security Transactions between the client and RADIUS server are authenticated through the use of a shared secret, which is never sent over the network. In addition, any user passwords are sent encrypted between the client and RADIUS server. This eliminates the possibility that someone snooping on an unsecured network could determine a user#39;s password.

Flexible Authentication Mechanisms The RADIUS server supports a variety of methods to authenticate a user. When it is provided with the user name and original password given by the user, it can support PPP, Password Authentication Protocol (PAP), or Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP), UNIX login, and other authentication mechanisms.

RADIUS does not support these protocols:




AppleTalk Remote Access (ARA) protocol NetBIOS Frame Protocol Control protocol Novell Asynchronous Services Interface (NASI)


X.25 PAD connection

TACACS offers multiprotocol support.

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