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Question No.161

Refer to the exhibit. The two connected ports on the switch are not turning orange or green. What would be the most effective steps to troubleshoot this physical layer problem? (Choose three.)


  1. Ensure that the Ethernet encapsulations match on the interconnected router and switch ports.

  2. Ensure that cables A and B are straight-through cables.

  3. Ensure cable A is plugged into a trunk port.

  4. Ensure the switch has power.

  5. Reboot all of the devices.

  6. Reseat all cables.

Correct Answer: BDF


The ports on the switch are not up indicating it is a layer 1 (physical) problem so we should check cable type, power and how they are plugged in.

Question No.162

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is testing connectivity from the branch router to the newly installed application server. What is the most likely reason for the first ping having a success rate of only 60 percent?


  1. The network is likely to be congested, with the result that packets are being intermittently dropped.

  2. The branch router had to resolve the application server MAC address.

  3. There is a short delay while NAT translates the server IP address.

  4. A routing table lookup delayed forwarding on the first two ping packets.

  5. The branch router LAN interface should be upgraded to FastEthernet.

Correct Answer: B


Initially the MAC address had to be resolved, but once it is resolved and is in the ARP table of the router, pings go through immediately.

Question No.163

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator cannot connect from R1 to R2. To troubleshoot this problem, the administrator has entered the command shown in the exhibit. Based on the output shown, what could be the problem?


  1. The serial interface is configured for half duplex.

  2. The serial interface does not have a cable attached.

  3. The serial interface has the wrong type of cable attached.

  4. The serial interface is configured for the wrong frame size.

  5. The serial interface has a full buffer.

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: http://www.thebryantadvantage.com/CCNACertificationExamTutorialDirectlyConnectedSerialInter faces.htm

Since the output is not forthcoming it shows that the type of cable attached is wrong, though the cable is connected since it shows the cable type. According to the figure DTE cable should connect to R1 on interface but while examining using show controllers serial 0/0 command it showing that a DCE is connected so the wrong type of cable is being used.

Question No.164

The following commands are entered on the router: Burbank(config)# enable secret fortress

Burbank(config)# line con 0 Burbank(config-line)# login Burbank(config-line)# password n0way1n Burbank(config-line)# exit

Burbank(config)# service password-encryption What is the purpose of the last command entered?

  1. to require the user to enter an encrypted password during the login process

  2. to prevent the vty, console, and enable passwords from being displayed in plain text in the configuration files

  3. to encrypt the enable secret password

  4. to provide login encryption services between hosts attached to the router

Correct Answer: B


Certain types of passwords, such as Line passwords, by default appear in clear text in the configuration file. You can use the service password-encryption command to make them more secure. Once this command is entered, each password configured is automatically encrypted and thus rendered illegible inside the configuration file (much as the Enable/Enable Secret passwords are). Securing Line passwords is doubly important in networks on which TFTP servers are used, because TFTP backup entails routinely moving config files across networksand config files, of course, contain Line passwords.

Question No.165

Two routers named Atlanta and Brevard are connected by their serial interfaces as shown in the exhibit, but there is no data connectivity between them. The Atlanta router is known to have a correct configuration. Given the partial configurations shown in the exhibit, what is the problem on the Brevard router that is causing the lack of connectivity?


  1. A loopback is not set.

  2. The IP address is incorrect.

  3. The subnet mask is incorrect.

  4. The serial line encapsulations are incompatible.

  5. The maximum transmission unit (MTU) size is too large.

  6. The bandwidth setting is incompatible with the connected interface.

Correct Answer: B


The connection between two routers must have IP addresses that belong to the same subnet, but in this case Atlanta is using and the other is in

Question No.166

Refer to the exhibit. A technician pastes the configurations in the exhibit into the two new routers shown. Otherwise, the routers are configured with their default configurations. A ping from Host1 to Host 2 fails, but the technician is able to ping the S0/0 interface of R2 from Host 1. The configurations of the hosts have been verified as correct. What could be the cause of the problem?


  1. The serial cable on R1 needs to be replaced.

  2. The interfaces on R2 are not configured properly

  3. R1 has no route to the network.

  4. The IP addressing scheme has overlapping subnetworks.

  5. The ip subnet-zero command must be configured on both routers.

Correct Answer: C


Without a static route pointing to the host 2 network the router R1 is unaware of the path to take to reach that network and reply traffic cannot be sent.

Question No.167


Which two of the following are true regarding the configuration of RouterA? (Choose two.)

  1. At least 5 simultaneous remote connections are possible

  2. Only telnet protocol connections to RouterA are supported

  3. Remote connections to RouterA using telnet will succeed

  4. Console line connections will nevertime out due to inactivity

  5. Since DHCP is not used on Fa0/1 there is not a need to use the NAT protocol

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.168

A company has placed a networked PC in a lobby so guests can have access to the corporate directory. A security concern is that someone will disconnect the directory PC and re-connect their laptop computer and have access to the corporate network. For the port servicing the lobby, which three configuration steps should be performed on the switch to prevent this? (Choose three.)

  1. Enable port security.

  2. Create the port as a trunk port.

  3. Create the port as an access port.

  4. Create the port as a protected port.

  5. Set the port security aging time to 0.

  6. Statically assign the MAC address to the address table.

  7. Configure the switch to discover new MAC addresses after a set time of inactivity.

Correct Answer: ACF


If port security is enabled and the port is only designated as access port, and finally static MAC address is assigned, it ensures that even if a physical connection is done by taking out the directory PC and inserting personal laptop or device, the connection cannot be made to the corporate network, hence ensuring safety.

Question No.169



What is the bandwidth on the WAN interface of Router 1?

  1. 16 Kbit/sec

  2. 32 Kbit/sec

  3. 64 Kbit/sec

  4. 128 Kbit/sec

  5. 512 Kbit/sec

  6. 1544 Kbit/sec

Correct Answer: A


Use the quot;show interface s0/0quot; to see the bandwidth set at 16 Kbit/sec.

The show interface s0/0 command results will look something like this and the bandwidth will be represented by the quot;BWquot; on the fourth line as seen below where BW equals 1544 Kbits/sec.

R2#show interface serial 0/0 Serial0/0 is up, line protocol is down Hardware is GT96K Serial

Internet address is

MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1544 Kbit/sec, DLY 20000 uses.

Question No.170

What are two recommended ways of protecting network device configuration files from outside network security threats? (Choose two.)

  1. Allow unrestricted access to the console or VTY ports.

  2. Use a firewall to restrict access from the outside to the network devices.

  3. Always use Telnet to access the device command line because its data is automatically encrypted.

  4. Use SSH or another encrypted and authenticated transport to access device configurations.

  5. Prevent the loss of passwords by disabling password encryption.

Correct Answer: BD


Using a firewall is a must for networks of any size to protect the internal network from outside threats and unauthorized access. SSH traffic is encrypted while telnet is not, so it is always recommended to use SSH.

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