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CompTIA CTP Certification Exam

Question No: 111 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following factors are related with bandwidth requirements of a VoIP call? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose all that apply.

  1. Codec selection

  2. Layer 2 media type

  3. Layer 3 routing protocol

  4. Speech samples per packet

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 112 – (Topic 2)

IEEE 802.1p specifies a priority value of between 0 and 7 inclusive that can be used by Quality of Service (QoS) disciplines to differentiate the traffic. Which of the following values defines inter-network control?

  1. 5

  2. 3

  3. 6

  4. 4

Answer: C

Question No: 113 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is a QoS technique that uses the precedence bits in the IP header?

  1. DiffServ

  2. IEEE 802.1p

  3. RSVP

  4. IntServ

Answer: A

Question No: 114 – (Topic 2)

H.323 is a group of protocols defined by the International Telecommunication Union for multimedia conferences over Local Area Networks. H.323 uses ASN.1 binary code. Which of the following layers of the OSI model is responsible for translating, processing, and reading ASN.1 and ASCII messages?

  1. Transport layer

  2. Physical layer

  3. Application layer

  4. Presentation layer

Answer: D

Question No: 115 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is a QoS protocol for managing bandwidth allocation for Internet media connections such as VoIP voice connection?

  1. EAP

  2. VXML

  3. MOS

  4. DiffServ

Answer: D

Question No: 116 – (Topic 2)

You want to connect three PBX units together that are at separate locations. One is in Newyork, GC.

The second is in Miami, KK, and the third is in Austin, QY. What kind of trunk lines will you use to create the connections required?

  1. Virtual trunks

  2. Tie trunks

  3. CO trunks

  4. ISL trunks

Answer: B

Question No: 117 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) modes is used to create, modify, and delete VLANs?

  1. Transparent

  2. VTP client

  3. Exchange

  4. VTP server

Answer: D

Question No: 118 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is used to maximize the efficient utilization of LAN media?

  1. Hub

  2. Router

  3. Bridge

  4. Switch

Answer: D

Question No: 119 – (Topic 2)

Mark works as a Sales Engineer for NetPerfect Inc. One of his customers has asked him to enable fax messages to be delivered to her computer so that she can read it in her email. Which of the following protocols should Mark implement on the convergence device?

  1. T.30

  2. T.38

  3. T.37

D. T.100

Answer: C

Question No: 120 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is also known as IP telephony or Internet telephony?

  1. Bluetooth

  2. TCP/IP

  3. ISDN

  4. VoIP

Answer: D

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