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Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions

Question No: 51

Which command sets the number of packets to log on a Cisco IPS sensor?

  1. ip-log-count number

  2. ip-log-packets number

  3. ip-log-bytes number

  4. ip-log number

Answer: B

Question No: 52

When a Cisco Email Security Appliance joins a cluster, which four settings are inherited? (Choose four.)

  1. IP address

  2. DNS settings

  3. SMTP routes

  4. HAT

  5. RAT

  6. hostname

  7. certificates

Answer: B,C,D,E

Question No: 53

When you configure the Cisco ESA to perform blacklisting, what are two items you can disable to enhance performance? (Choose two.)

  1. spam scanning

  2. antivirus scanning

  3. APT detection

  4. rootkit detection

Answer: A,B

Question No: 54

What is the correct deployment for an IPS appliance in a network where traffic identified as threat traffic should be blocked and all traffic is blocked if the IPS fails?

  1. Inline; fail open

  2. Inline; fail closed

  3. Promiscuous; fail open

  4. Promiscuous; fail closed

Answer: B

Question No: 55

What is the default antispam policy for positively identified messages?

  1. Drop

  2. Deliver and Append with [SPAM]

  3. Deliver and Prepend with [SPAM]

  4. Deliver and Alternate Mailbox

Answer: C

Question No: 56

Which statement about Cisco IPS Manager Express is true?

  1. It provides basic device management for large-scale deployments.

  2. It provides a GUI for configuring IPS sensors and security modules.

  3. It enables communication with Cisco ASA devices that have no administrative access.

  4. It provides greater security than simple ACLs.

Answer: B

Question No: 57

Which three pieces of information are required to implement transparent user identification using Context Directory Agent? (Choose three.)

  1. the server name of the global catalog domain controller

  2. the server name where Context Directory Agent is installed

  3. the backup Context Directory Agent

  4. the primary Context Directory Agent

  5. the shared secret

  6. the syslog server IP address

Answer: B,D,E

Question No: 58

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which signature definition is virtual sensor 0 assigned to use?

  1. rules0

  2. vs0

  3. sig0

  4. ad0

  5. ad1

  6. sigl

Answer: C Explanation:

This is the default signature.

You can create multiple security policies and apply them to individual virtual sensors. A security policy is made up of a signature definition policy, an event action rules policy, and an anomaly detection policy. Cisco IPS contains a default signature definition policy called sig0, a default event action rules policy called rules0, and a default anomaly detection policy called ad0. You can assign the default policies to a virtual sensor or you can create new policies.

Question No: 59

You have configured a VLAN pair that is connected to a switch that is unable to pass traffic. If the IPS is configured correctly, which additional configuration must you perform to enable the switch to pass traffic?

  1. Configure access ports on the switch.

  2. Configure the trunk port on the switch.

  3. Enable IP routing on the switch.

  4. Enable ARP inspection on the switch.

Answer: A

Question No: 60

Which Cisco technology provides spam filtering and email protection?

  1. IPS

  2. ESA

  3. WSA

  4. CX

Answer: B

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