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IBM InfoSphere Optim for Distributed Systems – V7.3.1

Question No: 1 – (Topic 1)

Optim objects are saved in the Optim Directory. Which two statements are true about saving Optim objects? (Choose two.)

  1. Optim objects like Column Maps, Table Maps andAccess Definitions are saved with two- part names.

  2. Only Optim relationships are saved in the Optim Directory.

  3. If a Column Map is noted as local, with no name, it is used only once and then discarded.

  4. An Archive Request cannot be saved in the OptimDirectory.

  5. There may be more than one Optim object with the same name as long as they are different types of objects.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 2 – (Topic 1)

Click the Exhibit button.

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Which Optim high level architecture area is missing from the exhibit for an archiving project

requiring a Collection of Archive Files for data reporting and viewing?

  1. Optim Server

  2. Extended Data Source Manager

  3. WebSphere Application Server

  4. ODM/Optim Connect

Answer: D

Question No: 3 – (Topic 1)

Given the following command-line export command: PR0CMND /EXPORT TYPE=EX NAME=%.% Which required parameter is missing from this syntax?

  1. The name of the export file is missing.

  2. The name of the report file is missing.

  3. The name of the Optim Directory is missing.

  4. The name of the parameter file is missing.

Answer: A

Question No: 4 – (Topic 1)

A client has asked you to decide on the Start Table for the Access Definition. Assume that they are trying to get a subset of the data with a good distribution of datafrom many different countries. Which two questions should be asked to help decide the possibilities? (Choose two.)

  1. Which table has the most data?

  2. Where is the data column?

  3. Where is the country column?

  4. Can you show me your data model?

  5. Whichtable has a self-referencing relationship?

Answer: C,D

Question No: 5 – (Topic 1)

Which statement is true about Optim relationships?

  1. Primary keys are required.

  2. Foreign keys are required.

  3. Corresponding columns must be identical and compatible.

  4. At least one side in a relationship must be specified by a column name.

Answer: D

Question No: 6 – (Topic 1)

It is considered a best practice to mask data usingfunctions that produce consistent results (e.g., the same masked values are produced each time the data is masked). Why is this considered a best practice?

  1. Consistency makes it easier to reverse the masking process.

  2. The Optim functions that produceconsistent results are the easiest to use.

  3. All Optim functions produce consistent outputs.

  4. Simplifies the daily work for the users/testers of the masked data.

Answer: D

Question No: 7 – (Topic 1)

Which statement about disk storage requirements for Archive Index Files is correct?

  1. The disk storage requirements are always less than the requirements for the associated Archive Files.

  2. The diskstorage requirements are always specified in the Optim Directory.

  3. The disk storage requirements are often the same or more than the associated Archive Files.

  4. The disk storage requirements are the same as the associated Archive Files.

Answer: C

Question No: 8 – (Topic 1)

Although Optim creates files on fixed media, you can also direct certain file type(s) to secondary media, e.g., tape, content addressed storage, or a hierarchical storage management(HSM) system. Which types of file(s) may be directed to secondary media?

  1. Extract, Archive, and Archive Index Files

  2. Extract and Archive Files

  3. Archive Files only

  4. Archive Index Files only

Answer: C

Question No: 9 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following is NOT an attribute of a Column Map?

  1. Column Map names are a two part name

  2. You can create a new Column Map from the Definitions submenu.

  3. Columns with the same name and compatible data types are not automatically matched.

  4. If a match is not found for a Destination or Source 2 column, the status is NOT USED or REQUIRED.

Answer: C

Question No: 10 – (Topic 1)

Which statement is true about Optim relationships?

  1. You can reference a maximum of 64 columns for any table in the relationship.

  2. You can use a Large Object (LOB) or SQL variant column.

  3. You can match a literal or constant to a literal or constant.

  4. You can create a Relationship using an SQL Variant column.

Answer: A

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