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CompTIA Project Exam

Question No: 51

When a risk event occurs, which of the following documents is BEST suited for recording and tracking new items corresponding to the risk?

  1. Issue log

  2. Risk management plan

  3. Communications plan

  4. Risk register

  5. Status report

Answer: C

Question No: 52

During the execution phase, the project manager discovered that the testing phase is dependent on completion of the vendor#39;s tasks The project team has just informed the project manager their activities are almost complete, and they would like permission to begin testing. The vendor is not scheduled to deliver the products for two months- Which of the following should have occurred to prevent this issue?

  1. During the planning phase, the project manager should have recognized the relationship between the vendor#39;s and project team#39;s tasks and adjusted the schedule for the project team to begin activities two months later.

  2. The project manager should have crashed the schedule for the vendor to keep it at the same work pace as the rest of the project team.

  3. During the project team#39;s regular status meeting with the vendor, the project team should have informed the vendor that the team was ahead of schedule and to speed up their work.

  4. During the project team#39;s regular status meeting with the vendor, the vendor should have informed the project team that it required another two months, and to slow down.

Answer: C

Question No: 53

Which of the following project documents should be used to record the occurrence of an unplanned event?

  1. Action log

  2. Risk log

  3. Change log

  4. Issue log

Answer: D

Question No: 54

A new project charter is being drafted. Which of the following would be the BEST source for the high-level project requirements?

  1. Sponsor

  2. Project manager

  3. Project management office

  4. Project team

Answer: B

Question No: 55

Which of the following is a key aspect of the Agile project management methodology?

  1. Test-driven

  2. Daily standup meetings

  3. Short project durations

  4. Defined list of requirements

Answer: B

Question No: 56

A project coordinator logs potential events that can affect project constraints, and then records the results of brainstorm,鈩?of potential strategies. Which of the following documents should the project coordinator use?

  1. Risk register

  2. Issue log

  3. Communication plan

  4. Status report

Answer: C

Question No: 57

A stakeholder is unaware of a project#39;s status Which of the following documents should the project manager consult to ensure a禄 stakeholders are notified of project changes?-(Select TWO).

  1. Status report

  2. Organizational chart

  3. RAO matrix

  4. Meeting minutes

  5. Communication plan

Answer: A,C

Question No: 58

A project manager provides status reports to a customer on a biweekly basis, but the customer is very busy and only has a few minutes to review the project. Which of the following are critical for the project manager to provide?

  1. Cost, schedule, organizational chart, and risks/issues

  2. Risk/issues, cost, RAO chart, and action items

  3. Schedule, cost, risk/issues, and milestones

  4. Action items, organizational chart, schedule, and NDA

Answer: D

Question No: 59

Assuming an iterative approach, which of the following will be conducted at the end of each iteration?

  1. SCRUM retrospective

  2. Kickoff meeting

  3. Budget baseline

  4. Risk review

Answer: A

Question No: 60

Due to a new government regulation, a project change is required. The project manager evaluates the change and realizes a legal department will need to approve the change as well. The project manager should:

  1. follow the change process flow and notify the legal department after the change is implemented.

  2. extend a formal invitation to the legal department representative to join the CCB

  3. hold a separate meeting with the legal department representative and ask for approval

  4. notify the legal department representative in the event of an upcoming audit

Answer: B

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