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Implementing Cisco Network Security

Question No: 131

What show command can see vpn tunnel establish with traffic passing through.

  1. (config)# show crypto ipsec sa

  2. #show crypto ipsec sa

  3. (config-if)#

Answer: A

Question No: 132

Which two services define cloud networks? (Choose two.)

  1. Infrastructure as a Service

  2. Platform as a Service

  3. Security as a Service

  4. Compute as a Service

  5. Tenancy as a Service

Answer: A,B

Question No: 133

Which feature of the Cisco Email Security Appliance can mitigate the impact of snowshoe spam and sophisticated phishing attacks?

  1. contextual analysis

  2. holistic understanding of threats

  3. graymail management and filtering

  4. signature-based IPS

Answer: A

Question No: 134

What VPN feature allows Internet traffic and local LAN/WAN traffic to use the same network connection?

  1. split tunneling

  2. hairpinning

  3. tunnel mode

  4. transparent mode

Answer: A

Question No: 135

Your security team has discovered a malicious program that has been harvesting the CEO#39;s email messages and the company#39;s user database for the last 6 months. What type of attack did your team discover?

  1. advanced persistent threat

  2. targeted malware

  3. drive-by spyware

  4. social activism

Answer: A

Question No: 136

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

While troubleshooting site-to-site VPN, you issued the show crypto isakmp sa command. What does the given output show?

  1. IKE Phase 1 main mode was created on, but it failed to negotiate with

  2. IKE Phase 1 main mode has successfully negotiated between and

  3. IKE Phase 1 aggressive mode was created on, but it failed to negotiate with

  4. IKE Phase 1 aggressive mode has successfully negotiated between and

Answer: A

Question No: 137

How to verify that TACACS connectivity to a device?

  1. You successfully log in to the device by using the local credentials.

  2. You connect to the device using SSH and receive the login prompt.

  3. You successfully log in to the device by using ACS credentials.

  4. You connect via console port and receive the login prompt.

Answer: B

Question No: 138

Which protocol provides security to Secure Copy?

  1. IPsec

  2. SSH

  3. HTTPS

  4. ESP

Answer: B

Question No: 139

Which type of firewall can act on the behalf of the end device?

  1. Stateful packet

  2. Application

  3. Packet

  4. Proxy

Answer: D

Question No: 140

Which syslog severity level is level number 7?

  1. Warning

  2. Informational

  3. Notification

  4. Debugging

Answer: D

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