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Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices v1.0

Question No: 191 – (Topic 5)

An engineer must pull logs from an Cisco EX90 Codec for a Call setup issue. The engineer opens a Telnet session to the codec and enters the log ctx SipPacket debug 9 command. The engineer places a test call, but sees no debugs on the console. Which action must the engineer take to review the logs?

  1. SSH into the codec to view the logs

  2. Enter the log ctx SipPacket debug all command

  3. Enter the log output on command.

  4. Collect logs from the web interface.

Answer: C

Question No: 192 – (Topic 5)

An engineer needs to connect an external display to a Cisco TelePresence MX700 endpoint. What must the engineer do to access the external monitor output connector?

  1. Remove the cover under the main monitor. The cover is fastened with two screws.

  2. Remove the cover on the back of the system. The cover is fastened with magnets.

  3. Remove the cover on the right side of the system. The cover is fastened with four screws.

  4. Remove the cover on the left side of the system. The cover is fastened with magnets.

Answer: D

Question No: 193 – (Topic 5)

Which type of Cisco VCS log shows call routing decisions that are made based on Cisco VCS search rules?

  1. Event Log

  2. Configuration Log

  3. Network Log

  4. System Log

Answer: C

Question No: 194 – (Topic 5)

Which of these needs to be enabled in Cisco Unified Communications Manager in order for the Cisco TelePresence System 500-32 to be able to share a presentation with a Cisco TelePresence System Codec C40 endpoint that is registered to a VCS?

  1. Allow iX application media

  2. Send send-receive SDP in mid-call invite

  3. Allow presentation sharing using BFCP

  4. Allow presentation sharing using H.235

  5. Deliver conference bridge identifier

Answer: C

Question No: 195 – (Topic 5)

When scheduling a multipoint conference, which three devices are required for the conference to be scheduled and completed successfully? (Choose three.)

  1. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  2. multipoint control unit

  3. video conferencing endpoints

  4. Cisco Unity Connection

  5. Cisco Unified IM and Presence

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 196 – (Topic 5)

Which Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit Layout view mode gives prominence to one conference participant over the other conference participants while still allowing conference participants to view multiple participants at the same time?

  1. enhanced continuous presence

  2. active speaker

  3. continuous presence

  4. room switching

  5. speaker switching

Answer: A

Question No: 197 – (Topic 5)

Which three items should be considered when restoring a backup to a Cisco VCS Expressway? (Choose three.)

  1. A restart is required to complete the system restore process.

  2. If the backup file is encrypted, an encryption password will be needed.

  3. A valid backup configuration file must be accessible.

  4. A function SFTP server is needed for remote restore.

  5. The VCS expressway must be put into maintenance mode during the upgrade.

  6. A flash drive that is connected to the appliance can be used to restore the configuration.

  7. Cisco TMSXE can be used to process and restore backups.

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 198 – (Topic 5)

An engineer is consistently seeing tickets in the Cisco TMS that are generated when a video endpoint is powered off each day. Which menu path allows the engineer to prevent this type of ticket from being created?

  1. TMS gt; Clear this ticket

  2. TMS gt; Acknowledge ticket

  3. TMS gt; Ignore ticket type for this system

  4. TMS gt; Ticket management

  5. TMS gt; Manage ticket error levels

Answer: C

Question No: 199 – (Topic 5)

Cisco inline power was replaced by which IEEE standard?

A. 802.3at B. 802.3af C. 802.11n D. 802.11ac

Answer: B

Question No: 200 – (Topic 5)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

The customer recently connected a new TV monitor to the Cisco TelePresence endpoint. This device is now showing a warning concerning the echo cancellation delay. Which action could help mitigate this issue?

  1. Turn off any postprocessing settings.

  2. Turn off 3D mode on the new TV.

  3. Turn on Frequency Scan Acceleration for the new TV.

  4. Turn off surround sound on the new TV.

Answer: A

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