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Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals

Question No: 141

A customer has asked for its wireless equipment to be managed as securely as possible. Which three management protocols will provide encrypted access to the equipment? (Choose three.)

  1. Secure Shell

  2. HTTPS

  3. SNMPv3

  4. Telnet

  5. SNMPv2c

  6. HTTP

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 142

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Refer to the exhibit. The site in this AirMagnet Survey heat map is ready for which level of service?

  1. data

  2. voice

  3. location

  4. RFID

Answer: A

Question No: 143

What is Cisco WCS Navigator?

  1. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WCS servers

  2. a server for storing and reviewing Cisco Spectrum Expert station data

  3. a server for storing the location data of wireless clients

  4. a GUI for displaying the data of Cisco CleanAir APs, aligned with an uploaded map

  5. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WLC systems

Answer: A

Question No: 144

Which description best describes upfade in a multipath environment?

  1. In this situation, multiple signal paths are not sent at exactly the same time. The receiver receives a positive crest on the primary signal and a negative crest on the secondary signal.

  2. In this situation, the multiple signal paths are distorted and difficult to understand.

  3. In this situation, the multiple signal paths are weaker than they should be because the signals are out of phase with each other.

  4. In this situation, the signal is stronger than it should be because multiple signal paths are received twice at exactly the same time, which results in the multiple signals being in- phase.

Answer: D

Question No: 145

Which calculation computes the EIRP of an antenna?

  1. EIRP = Tx power (dBm) Antenna Gain (dBi) – Cable Loss (dB)

  2. EIRP= Cable Loss (dB) Antenna Gain (dBi) – Tx power (dBm)

  3. EIRP = Cable Loss (dB) Antenna Gain (dBi) / Tx power (dBm)

  4. EIRP = Tx power (dBm) Antenna Gain (dBi) / Cable Loss (dB)

  5. EIRP = Antenna Gain (dBi) – Cable Loss (dB) * Tx power (dBm)

  6. EIRP = Tx power (dBm) * Antenna Gain (dBi) / Cable Loss (dB)

Answer: A

Question No: 146

What tab contains access point configuration in the WCS?

  1. Controller gt; Access Points

  2. Configure gt; Access Points

  3. General gt; Configure gt; Access Points

  4. System gt; Configure gt; Access Points

Answer: B

Question No: 147

Which three items are allowed on an Ethernet trunk port? (Choose three.)

  1. autonomous AP

  2. FlexConnect AP

  3. local AP

  4. monitor AP

  5. rogue detector AP

  6. sniffer AP

  7. SE-Connect AP

  8. Cisco WLC

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 148

Which Cisco AnyConnect module allows troubleshooting for core AnyConnect problems?

  1. telemetry

  2. web security

  3. VPN

  4. NAM

  5. DART

  6. posture

  7. CSSC

Answer: E

Question No: 149

Which two actions are best for deploying VoWLAN on a wireless network? (Choose two.)

  1. Minimize the use of Class 3 Bluetooth devices.

  2. Minimize the use of analog cameras.

  3. Minimize the use of IP cameras.

  4. Maximize client access by enabling all data rates used by clients.

  5. Maximize client access by enabling only a few high data rates used by clients.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 150

Which official port should be used when configuring external RADIUS authentication on a Cisco WLC version 7.0?

A. 49 B. 1645 C. 1646 D. 1812 E. 1813

Answer: D

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