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CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0)

Question No: 371 – (Topic 8)

which three options are switchport configuration that can always avoid duplex mismatch errors between two switches? (Choose three.)

  1. Set both sides of the connection to half duplex.

  2. Set one side of the connection to auto-negotiate and the other side to full duplex.

  3. Set both sides of the connection to auto-negotiate.

  4. Set one side of the connection to auto-negotiate and the other side to half duplex.

  5. Set one side of the connection to full ruplex and the other side to half duplex.

  6. Set both sides of the connection to full duplex.

Answer: A,C,F

Question No: 372 – (Topic 8)

Which network topology allows all traffic to flow through a central hub?

  1. bus

  2. star

  3. mesh

  4. ring

Answer: B

Question No: 373 – (Topic 8)

Which utility can you use to identify the cause of a traffic-flow blockage between two devices in a network?

  1. ACL analysis tool in APIC-EM

  2. iWan application

  3. ACL path analysis tool in APIC-EM

  4. APIC-EM automation scheduler

Answer: A

Question No: 374 – (Topic 8)

Which statement about the IP SLAs ICMP Echo operation is true?

  1. The frequency of the operation .s specified in milliseconds.

  2. It is used to identify the best source interface from which to send traffic.

  3. It is configured in enable mode.

  4. It is used to determine the frequency of ICMP packets.

Answer: D Explanation:

This module describes how to configure an IP Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Echo operation to monitor end-to-end response time between a Cisco router and devices using IPv4 or IPv6. ICMP Echo is useful for troubleshooting network connectivity issues. This module also demonstrates how the results of the ICMP Echo operation can be displayed and analyzed to determine how the network IP connections are performing.

ICMP Echo Operation

The ICMP Echo operation measures end-to-end response time between a Cisco router and any devices using IP. Response time is computed by measuring the time taken between sending an ICMP Echo request message to the destination and receiving an ICMP Echo reply.

In the figure below ping is used by the ICMP Echo operation to measure the response time between the source IP SLAs device and the destination IP device. Many customers use IP SLAs ICMP-based operations, in-house ping testing, or ping-based dedicated probes for response time measurements.

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Figure 1. ICMP Echo Operation

The IP SLAs ICMP Echo operation conforms to the same IETF specifications for ICMP ping testing and the two methods result in the same response times.

Configuring a Basic ICMP Echo Operation on the Source Device SUMMARY STEPS

1. enable 2. configure terminal 3. ip sla operation-number 4. icmp-echo

{destination-ip-address | destination-hostname} [source-ip {ip-address | hostname} | source-interface interface-name] 5. frequency seconds 6. end

Question No: 375 – (Topic 8)

Which dynamic routing protocol uses only the hop count to determine the best path to a destination?

  1. IGRP

  2. RIP

  3. EIGRP

  4. OSPF

Answer: C

Question No: 376 – (Topic 8)

Which type of device can be replaced by the use of subinterfaces for VLAN routing?

  1. Layer 2 bridge

  2. Layer 2 switch

  3. Layer 3 switch

  4. router

Answer: C

Question No: 377 – (Topic 8)

How can you disable DTP on a switch port?

  1. Configure the switch port as a trunk.

  2. Add an interface on the switch to a channel group.

  3. Change the operational mode to static access.

  4. Change the administrative mode to access.

Answer: A

Question No: 378 – (Topic 8)

Which command can you enter to route all traffic that is destined for to a specific interface?

  1. router(config)#ip route GigabitEthernet0/1

  2. router(config)#ip route GigabitEthernet0/1

  3. router(config)#ip route GigabitEthernet0/1

  4. router(config)#ip route GigabitEthernet0/1

Answer: A

Question No: 379 – (Topic 8)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

While troubleshooting a switch, you executed the show interface port-channel 1 etherchannel command and it returned this output. Which information is provided by the Load value?

  1. the percentage of use of the link

  2. the preference of the link

  3. the session count of the link

  4. the number source-destination pairs on the link

Answer: D

Question No: 380 – (Topic 8)

Which keyword enables an HSRP router to take the active role immediately when it comes online?

  1. IP address

  2. Priority

  3. Preempt

  4. Version

Answer: C

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