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CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (v3.0)

Question No: 131 – (Topic 3)

Which two statements about the OSPF Router ID are true? (Choose two.)

  1. It identifies the source of a Type 1 LSA.

  2. It should be the same on all routers in an OSPF routing instance.

  3. By default, the lowest IP address on the router becomes the OSPF Router ID.

  4. The router automatically chooses the IP address of a loopback as the OSPF Router ID.

  5. It is created using the MAC Address of the loopback interface.

Answer: A,D Explanation:

r120#show ip ospf data

OSPF Router with ID ( (Process ID 1) Next, who are the other routers in our area?

Router Link States (Area 1)

Link IDADV RouterAgeSeq#ChecksumLink count 0x0092B31×80000234 0x009CAC1

We can see OSPF Router ID will be used as source of Type 1 LSA. Also the router will chose the highest loopback interface as its OSPF router ID (if available).

Question No: 132 – (Topic 3)

Which command reveals the last method used to powercycle a router?

  1. show reload

  2. show boot

  3. show running-config

  4. show version

Answer: D Explanation:

The “show version” command can be used to show the last method to powercycle (reset) a router.

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Question No: 133 – (Topic 3)

What are two benefits of using a single OSPF area network design? (Choose two.)

  1. It is less CPU intensive for routers in the single area.

  2. It reduces the types of LSAs that are generated.

  3. It removes the need for virtual links.

  4. It increases LSA response times.

  5. It reduces the number of required OSPF neighbor adjacencies.

Answer: B,C Explanation:

OSPF uses a LSDB (link state database) and fills this with LSAs (link state advertisement). The link types are as follows:

鈥SA Type 1: Router LSA

鈥SA Type 2: Network LSA

鈥SA Type 3: Summary LSA

鈥SA Type 4: Summary ASBR LSA

鈥SA Type 5: Autonomous system external LSA

鈥SA Type 6: Multicast OSPF LSA

鈥SA Type 7: Not-so-stubby area LSA

鈥SA Type 8: External attribute LSA for BGP

If all routers are in the same area, then many of these LSA types (Summary ASBR LSA, external LSA, etc) will not be used and will not be generated by any router.

All areas in an Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) autonomous system must be physically connected to the backbone area (Area 0). In some cases, where this is not possible, you can use a virtual link to connect to the backbone through a non-backbone area. You can also use virtual links to connect two parts of a partitioned backbone through a non- backbone area. The area through which you configure the virtual link, known as a transit area, must have full routing information. The transit area cannot be a stub area. Virtual links are not ideal and should really only be used for temporary network solutions or migrations. However, if all locations are in a single OSPF area this is not needed.

Question No: 134 – (Topic 3)

What information does a router running a link-state protocol use to build and maintain its topological database? (Choose two.)

  1. hello packets

  2. SAP messages sent by other routers

  3. LSAs from other routers

  4. beacons received on point-to-point links

  5. routing tables received from other link-state routers

  6. TTL packets from designated routers

Answer: A,C Explanation:

Neighbor discovery is the first step in getting a link state environment up and running. In keeping with the friendly neighbor terminology, a Hello protocol is used for this step. The protocol will define a Hello packet format and a procedure for exchanging the packets and processing the information the packets contain.

After the adjacencies are established, the routers may begin sending out LSAs. As the term flooding implies, the advertisements are sent to every neighbor. In turn, each received LSA is copied and forwarded to every neighbor except the one that sent the LSA.

Question No: 135 – (Topic 3)

A network administrator is troubleshooting an EIGRP problem on a router and needs to confirm the IP addresses of the devices with which the router has established adjacency. The retransmit interval and the queue counts for the adjacent routers also need to be checked. What command will display the required information?

  1. Router# show ip eigrp adjacency

  2. Router# show ip eigrp topology

  3. Router# show ip eigrp interfaces

  4. Router# show ip eigrp neighbors

Answer: D Explanation:

Below is an example of the show ip eigrp neighbors command. The retransmit interval (Smooth Round Trip Timer – SRTT) and the queue counts (Q count, which shows the number of queued EIGRP packets) for the adjacent routers are listed:

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Question No: 136 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What is the reason that the interface status is quot;administratively down, line protocol downquot;?

  1. There is no encapsulation type configured.

  2. There is a mismatch in encapsulation types.

  3. The interface is not receiving any keepalives.

  4. The interface has been configured with the shutdown command.

  5. The interface needs to be configured as a DTE device.

  6. The wrong type of cable is connected to the interface.

Answer: D Explanation:

Interfaces can be enabled or disabled with shutdown/no shutdown command. If you interface is down, it will display administratively down status. You can bring up an interface having administratively down interface using no shutdown command.

Question No: 137 – (Topic 3)

What is the effect of using the service password-encryption command?

  1. Only the enable password will be encrypted.

  2. Only the enable secret password will be encrypted.

  3. Only passwords configured after the command has been entered will be encrypted.

  4. It will encrypt the secret password and remove the enable secret password from the configuration.

  5. It will encrypt all current and future passwords.

Answer: E Explanation:

Enable vty, console, AUX passwords are configured on the Cisco device. Use the show run command to show most passwords in clear text. If the service password-encryption is used, all the passwords are encrypted. As a result, the security of device access is improved.

Question No: 138 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

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C-router is to be used as a quot;router-on-a-stickquot; to route between the VLANs. All the interfaces have been properly configured and IP routing is operational. The hosts in the VLANs have been configured with the appropriate default gateway. What is true about this configuration?

  1. These commands need to be added to the configuration: C-router(config)# router eigrp 123

    C-router(config-router)# network

  2. These commands need to be added to the configuration: C-router(config)# router ospf 1

    C-router(config-router)# network area 0

  3. These commands need to be added to the configuration: C-router(config)# router rip

    C-router(config-router)# network

  4. No further routing configuration is required.

Answer: D Explanation:

Since all the same router (C-router) is the default gateway for all three VLANs, all traffic destined to a different VLA will be sent to the C-router. The C-router will have knowledge of all three networks since they will appear as directly connected in the routing table. Since the C-router already knows how to get to all three networks, no routing protocols need to be configured.

Question No: 139 – (Topic 3)

Which command encrypts all plaintext passwords?

  1. Router# service password-encryption

  2. Router(config)# password-encryption

  3. Router(config)# service password-encryption

  4. Router# password-encryption

Answer: C Explanation:


The “service password-encryption” command allows you to encrypt all passwords on your router so they cannot be easily guessed from your running-config. This command uses a very weak encryption because the router has to be very quickly decode the passwords for its operation.

It is meant to prevent someone from looking over your shoulder and seeing the password,

that is all. This is configured in global configuration mode.

Question No: 140 – (Topic 3)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What can be determined about the router from the console output?

  1. No configuration file was found in NVRAM.

  2. No configuration file was found in flash.

  3. No configuration file was found in the PCMCIA card.

  4. Configuration file is normal and will load in 15 seconds.

Answer: A Explanation:

When no startup configuration file is found in NVRAM, the System Configuration Dialog will appear to ask if we want to enter the initial configuration dialog or not.

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