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CompTIA Cloud Certification Exam

Question No: 251 – (Topic 3)

An administrator is designing a VM cluster to support a new testing department in the company. This department will require high availability and the ability to migrate VMs with little impact to other network functions within the department. The infrastructure available for the department supports a 1GB internal backbone upon which virtual switches are being configured. Which of the following network designs would meet the criteria for the department?

  1. Assign the migration VLAN, management VLAN and storage VLAN on one virtual switch port and a client VLAN on a separate virtual switch port

  2. Assign the migration VLAN, management VLAN and client VLAN on one virtual switch port and assign the storage VLAN on a separate virtual switch port

  3. Assign the migration VLAN and client VLAN on one virtual switch port, and the management VLAN and storage VLAN on one virtual switch port

  4. Assign the migration VLAN, management VLAN, client VLAN and storage VLAN all on separate virtual switch ports

Answer: D

Question No: 252 – (Topic 3)

A new WAN connection was recently installed between the primary datacenter and secondary datacenter for disaster recovery purposes. The network technician performed testing of the circuit and observed poor throughput performance. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

  1. Latency

  2. NIC failure

  3. Caching

  4. Compression

Answer: A

Question No: 253 – (Topic 3)

A network administrator was tasked with creating several new subnets which will support 30 virtual hosts per subnet. Which of the following VLANs below would be used to support those hosts?

VLAN 100

VLAN 200

VLAN 300

VLAN 400

A. 100

B. 200

C. 300

D. 400

Answer: C

Question No: 254 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following describes a best practice for placement of VM swap files in a virtualized environment?

  1. Place them on the same datastore as the OS

  2. Place them on the same datastore as the data

  3. Place them on their own datastore

  4. Place them on the local disk of the VM host

Answer: C

Question No: 255 – (Topic 3)

Virtual switches are:

  1. Virtualized network switching devices.

  2. Used to differentiate network traffic with tags.

  3. Virtual machines that are on the same network.

  4. Physical switches running on the same network with virtual machines.

Answer: A

Question No: 256 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following types of storage technologies uses fiber channel protocols?

  1. SAN

  2. DAS

  3. iSCSI

  4. NAS

Answer: A

Question No: 257 – (Topic 3)

An administrator is working on a guest operating system and needs access to the CD-ROM drive from the host operating system to install a driver. Which of the following describes what the administrator should use to accomplish this goal?

  1. Remote hypervisor access

  2. Resource redirection

  3. Resource pooling

  4. Dynamic resource allocation

Answer: B

Question No: 258 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following cloud delivery models consists of private internal resources and external provider resources?

  1. Hybrid

  2. Community

  3. Private

  4. Public

Answer: A

Question No: 259 – (Topic 3)

A company has deployed a website which is mirrored at a secondary datacenter. Which of the following should be changed to route users to the secondary datacenter in case of a primary site failure?

  1. Virtual address

  2. DNS record

  3. ARP table

  4. Disaster recovery plan

Answer: B

Question No: 260 – (Topic 3)

A company decided to go with a cloud-based hosted email solution across all offices and wishes to make the transition as seamless as possible. Which of the following methods would provide the MOST seamless transition for end users?

  1. Non-SSL federation

  2. Access controls

  3. Multi-factor authentication

  4. Single sign-on

Answer: D

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