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CTT Exam (Certified Technical)

Question No: 211 – (Topic 3)

A corporate trainer has their session recorded on video as a part of their evaluation. Throughout the video, the evaluator noticed that the trainer stood in front of the room throughout the entire session. The presenter MOSTlacks which of the following methods of communication with learners?

  1. Opportunities for questions and answers

  2. Interpersonal skills

  3. Group involvement

  4. Management of course flow and training activities

Answer: B

Question No: 212 – (Topic 3)

While teaching a course the instructor asks a question and a learner answers the question incorrectly. Which of the following is the BEST way to respond? (Select THREE).

  1. Inform the learner that they need to research their answer.

  2. Correct the learner#39;s response in a humorous manner.

  3. Ask the rest of the class to provide the correct answer.

  4. Rephrase the question, and wait for the learner to provide the correct answer.

  5. Acknowledge the learner#39;s response and provide the correct response.

  6. Ask the learner to cite a reference for the answer.

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 213 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following statements BEST describes #39;synchronous training#39; when discussing Internet learning technologies?

  1. Synchronous training refers to training delivered to a participant group of varied genders at the same time.

  2. Synchronous training refers to training delivered to a geographically dispersed group of participants at the same time.

  3. Synchronous training refers to training delivered by a skilled instructor using various collaboration tools at different times.

  4. Synchronous training refers to training delivered in any classroom setting where all participants are collaborating at the same time.

Answer: B

Question No: 214 – (Topic 3)

An instructor has been asked by a customer to conduct a course in two weeks. The course material being used is outdated. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the customer#39;s request?

  1. Inform the customer that updated material is available.

  2. Ask the learners if they want to use the old material or the new material,

  3. Use the present material because the learners will not know the difference.

  4. Modify the material to meet current standards and teach the class.

Answer: A

Question No: 215 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following should an instructor be sure to include in the introduction of a beginner#39;s class?

  1. The instructor evaluation form

  2. The course evaluation form

  3. The employment opportunities

  4. The outline for the first lesson

Answer: D

Question No: 216 – (Topic 3)

An instructor is observing participants during an exercise in a classroom environment. The MOST appropriate feedback to offer is:

  1. Outline two specific things the participant did well, and one specific opportunity for improvement.

  2. Spend most of the time focusing on the participants#39; weaknesses.

  3. Focus on all the participants#39; positive skills in order to build esteem.

  4. Tell everyone that they did a really good job.

Answer: A

Question No: 217 – (Topic 3)

A contract trainer is delivering a customized course at a client site. In each of the last two sessions, the client has noted that the material contains incorrect information regarding several products. The client now noticesthat the mistakes are still in the material. The trainer has mentioned this problem twice to the development team and is frustrated. The

BEST option for the trainer is to:

  1. Create supplemental handouts with the correct product information.

  2. Call the manager of the development department and emphasize the department#39;s incompetence.

  3. Tell the client to take personal responsibility to ensure the mistakes are corrected.

  4. Skip delivering that portion of the course until the material is updated.

Answer: A

Question No: 218 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following methods should be used to positively motivate students in a mandatory training session?

  1. Create empathy with the students by stating you do not want to be there either.

  2. Allow students to determine their break times to provide them a feeling of control.

  3. Rush through the material so that the class ends early.

  4. Inform students that their participation in the class will be evaluated and reported.

Answer: B

Question No: 219 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following explains why an instructor would use probing questions?

  1. To give learners a chance to think through a possible scenario

  2. To provide concise answers to cover all of the review material

  3. To gain clarity about the learners understanding of the material

  4. To increase participation in the review process and encourage critical thinking

Answer: D

Question No: 220 – (Topic 3)

A trainer becomes aware that the students appear to be laughing quietly during the presentation of serious technical material. Which of the following actions should the trainer


  1. Inform the student that their actions are inappropriate and they should stop.

  2. Attempt to determine if a word used during training has a different meaning locally.

  3. On break, report the behavior to the training center for proper disciplinary actions.

  4. Tell a humorous story to achieve a bigger laugh.

Answer: B

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