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IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Update

Question No: 71

David modified the names of the ID vault administrators for the organization. When the names were modified, they were adjusted in the vault database ACL andalso in which of the following locations?

  1. The Domino server log.nsf

  2. The vault certificate document in the Domino Directory

  3. The idvault.log file for the assigned ID vault database

  4. The vault document in the Security – ID Vaults view of the Domino Directory

Answer: D

Question No: 72

If an attempt is made by a LotusNotes client to check for ID changes in an ID vault or if synchronization fails with the vault, which of the following occurs?

  1. The client will retry an attempt in the next regular cycle

  2. The client will not retry an attempt until restarted

  3. Theclient will attempt up to three retry attempts made at five-minute intervals

  4. The client will not retry an attempt until the user reauthenticates with the server, including locking his or her ID

Answer: C

Question No: 73

The Domino Configuration Tuner has beengenerating exception errors in your Domino Administrator client.

Which of the following variables should be placed in your notes.ini to assist in troubleshooting the error?

  1. DebugDCT

  2. DCT_Error_Log

  3. Quicktune_Debug

  4. ConfigTunerReport

Answer: C

Question No: 74

You installed Lotus Traveler on your server for the users to download to their clients and for the same server to act as the Traveler server for your environment. The Lotus Traveler Web page was available, but the servlet was not. Which of the following is the correct servlet setting?

  1. None

  2. Domino servlet manager

  3. Third-party servlet manager

  4. Lotus Traveler servlet manager

Answer: B

Question No: 75

To further secure your ID vault on the Domino server, you can disable the role capability that allows retrieving ID files without a password by performing which of the following?

  1. Remove the vault encryption keys from all users

  2. Disable the administrative ID vault user policy

  3. Add the settingSECURE_DISABLE_AUDITOR=1 to the server notes.ini

  4. Remove all groups and users from the ID vault administrator field in the server document

Answer: C

Question No: 76

As a vault administrator, you have the rights to delete the ID vault. Before you delete a vault configuration, which of the following steps must be performed?

  1. Extract all user ID files from the vault and then delete the ID vault

  2. Delete all documents in the ID vault, delete the user policy, then delete the ID vault

  3. Delete all replicas except the one on the vault primaryserver first, then delete the primary

  4. Remove all ID vault administrators from the vault ACL, remove the vault user policy, and delete the ID vault

Answer: C

Question No: 77

Upon viewing the Administration Process activity through the statistics generated during administration request processing, you have found a large number of Waiting statistics in

one of the message queues. Which of the following would this signify?

  1. Administration Process threads are waiting for requests to process

  2. The administrator has pending Administration Process requests for approval

  3. The server is processing requests without utilizing all the process handlers

  4. The request processing threads are busy running requests that take longer times

Answer: D

Question No: 78

To help thwart unauthorized access to ID files in the ID vault, you can choose to require which of the following?

  1. That someone with password reset authority approves all ID downloads

  2. That only group names are placed in the vault securitydocument in the Domino server

  3. That the person fills out a download request in the vault to be approved by a vault manager

  4. That the ID vault be encrypted with a secret encryption key shared with only the proper administrators

Answer: A Explanation:

Lotus iNotes allows features that send requests to external servers or Web services, for example, Lotus Quickr integration, to utilize which of the following to intercept calls and retrieve information from a remote site?

  1. DSAPI filters

  2. iNotes redirects

  3. HTTP-proxy servlets

  4. Web serving intercept caching Answer: C

Question No: 79

Domino Attachment and Object service has been running on your Domino server. As the Domino administrator, you then select NSF for the field quot;Store file attachments in DAOS.quot;

Which of the following happens to attachments accessed and created after this change is successfully applied?

  1. Users can continue to modify and place attachments in DAOS until the administrator purges all from the storage and replaces the database

  2. links

  3. All attachments are moved back into the respective databases where the attachment headers are located,and new attachments are not placed

  4. in DAOS

  5. Any files already stored in the DAOS repository remain there, and documents containing those existing file attachments are read from the

  6. DAOS repository but can no longer be modified there

  7. DAOS immediately removes all orphaned attachments from the repository and removes the remainder as the attachments are accessed. New

  8. attachments are placed in DAOS until all are accessed

Answer: C

Question No: 80

DAOS has been enabled on your Domino server for mailfiles in the Human Resources department. Which of the following compression types must be selected on the mailfiles for attachments?

  1. LZ1

  2. ZIP

  3. Crider

  4. Huffman

Answer: A

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